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Posted on 09 Sep 2019

Weappy Studios and THQ Nordic have announced Rebel Cops, a spin-off of the popular This Is The Police series where crime lord Victor Zuev has taken control of the town. As the name suggests, you’ll take on the role of rebel cops still fighting for justice when everyone else has given up. Rebel Cops is releasing on 17 September 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One for $9.99.

Official Press Release

This Is NOT the Police!

Weappy Studios and THQ Nordic announcing Rebel Cops

Minsk, Belarus / Vienna, Austria, September 6th, 2019: Victor Zuev has won. The ruthless crime lord now controls the town of Ripton. All the officials are on his payroll, businessmen are at his mercy, even the local police have surrendered to his will and any opposition has been smashed to pieces. Well, not quite all, exactly: there is a small rag-tag squad of true policemen, who still believe in the words “to serve and protect” and will fight against all odds to serve justice and to protect the citizens. Not all heroes wear badges …

Watch the announcement trailer:

Download the assets:

You’re always out-gunned and out-numbered and low on resources. Your team is driven, not by beating the odds, but by the will to hunt down crime lord Zuev and to restore justice in Ripton, and is fully prepared to sacrifice everything in the process. The need for more weapons and equipment can be satisfied in any of the sandbox-missions. Besides the main goals, like rescuing some hostages or eliminating a henchman of Zuev’s gangster squad, each mission has optional side goals as well as many parts to explore where your cops can find useful equipment.

But beware: every step you take is a risk. Rebel Cops is an unforgiving game, as every bullet can end a cops life. There are no hitpoints, even if your trooper is just hit in the foot, he can bleed out. So make sure to guide them safely through each encounter – the more experience they get, the more skilled they become.

Rebel Cops will be available for PC, Xbox® One, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch ™ on September 17th for just $9.99 / €9.99 offering 15 hours of challenging gameplay.

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