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Posted on 10 Aug 2016 by
L Coulsen

After a lukewarm reception on the Windows Store, Remedy have taken the more financially sound decision of bringing Quantum Break to Steam. Coming September 14th, it will now be available both digitally, and in a collector’s Edition retail box (in partnership with Nordic), for a price of $/€39.99. Yes, that’s right, both will cost the same. Which is really, really sweet for those of us (like myself) who are absolute suckers for Collector’s Editions. It’s especially impressive considering what actually comes with the Timeless Collector’s Edition.

  • Premium packaging
  • 5 Game Discs (one-time Steam key redemption required)
  • Making of Blu-Ray
  • Making of Book
  • 1 Soundtrack CD (Audio-CD)
  • 2 Posters
  • Quickstart Guide

There’s nothing specifically mentioning a UK release, but with a price listed in Euros, it’s certain we will get one. Most likely at a price somewhere around £30-35. I expect we will have confirmation of this within the next few days, as pre-orders become available, so keep your eyes peeled.

Official Press Release

Nordic Games to publish the Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition for PC in partnership with Microsoft Studios and Remedy Entertainment

Vienna, Austria – August 10, 2016: Nordic Games is partnering with Microsoft Studios and Remedy Entertainment to bring a very special edition of Quantum Break for PC to retail.

This showcase-piece will be released on September 14th, 2016 and is called the Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition and retails at EUR/USD 39.99.

The game itself includes all the latest updates, whereas the entire backlog (for Xbox One and PC) can be found here: http://www.quantumbreak.com/2016/08/patch-updates/

“After having worked with Remedy on the PC version of Alan Wake in 2012, and with Microsoft Studios on Ori and The Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (2016), and State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (2016), we are proud to announce a new triangle-collaboration with two of our trusted partners”, comments Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director. “Apart from being a new IP (which is always a brave step), Quantum Break turned out to be a sophisticated, visually stunning shooter with a top-notch cast of characters. We are looking forward to work on the physical PC release of this great game.”

Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition retails at EUR/USD 39.99 and contains:

  • Premium packaging
  • 5 Game Discs (onetime Steam key validation required)
  • Making Of Blu-ray
  • Making Of Book (where an Art Book meets a Making-Of)
  • 1 Soundtrack CD (Audio-CD)
  • 2 A3 Poster (one double-sided print)
  • Quickstart Guide

About Quantum Break
“Quantum Break” is part hard-hitting video game, part thrilling live action show featuring a stellar cast, including Shawn Ashmore as the hero Jack Joyce, Aiden Gillen as his nemesis Paul Serene, and Dominic Monaghan as Jack’s genius brother William. “Quantum Break” is full of the vivid storytelling, rich characters and dramatic twists Remedy Entertainment are renowned for. Choices in-game will affect the outcome of the fast-paced fusion between game and show, illustrating one story perceived in many ways for a completely unique entertainment experience; play the game to understand the heroes, watch the show to discern the villains.

  • In-depth, fast-paced narrative experience crafted by Remedy Entertainment
  • Time amplified gameplay
  • Navigate epic scenes of destruction as they skip and rewind in broken time
  • Top quality live action show that is directly impacted by the choices made in-game
  • Stellar cast of actors
  • One story told many ways with the player having control of decisions within narrative junctions within the game


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Posts: 349
L Coulsen
Posted 12 Aug 2016, 11:34
Remedy already know. Alan Wake did they proud on Steam

Posts: 133
Simon Sirmenis
Posted 11 Aug 2016, 21:56
I really hope this will show Microsoft (not Remedy) that selling on Steam is worth it. This has to be a shining example why you don't try to do exclusives on your shoddy platform especially if its a very flawed platform.

Posts: 349
L Coulsen
Posted 11 Aug 2016, 14:36
Depends how well this sells. I'm expecting a decent return actually. A lot of people seemed keen on it

Posts: 37
Posted 10 Aug 2016, 19:38
Very happy to see Microsoft publishing more games on Steam. Dead Rising 4 is another one. Maybe Forza and Gears of War will follow too.