Quake’s Sorlag Champion Profile

Posted on 24 May 2017

Like clockwork, Bethesda once again cranks out another Quake Champions profile about the next bad-ass to enter the arena. This week’s highlighted Champion is the ‘Flesh Trading Huntress’ herself, Sorlag. This scaly warrior from another planet comes equipped with not one, but two passive abilities, the generic Acid-Spit (why must all reptilians be acid spewing carbon copies?) and the insanely annoying Bunny Hop technique… sweet!

Official Press Release

When you try to bring down your clan’s shaman by spilling a sacred ‘bowel bowl’ filled with steaming guts that is being used to open terrifying windows into ‘The Other Place,’ and you just get sucked through the windows into the Realms where you are doomed to spend eternity battling against cruel Champions in the name of glory… You’re having bad day.

That’s the story of Sorlag (read more at www.Quake.com). A vicious and prideful reptilian huntress from a post-apocalyptic alien planet. This Sorg flesh-trader stalks her prey in the Arenas armed with her deadly Acid Spit, coating the environment and enemies in a sticky toxic sputum. This Active Ability deals direct damage to any Champions that are careless enough to pass through as well as additional poison damage over time as it seeps into their flesh.

Sorlag’s reputation as a hunter awards her two Passive Abilities, helping her nimbly move through matches and protecting her from her own – and other Sorlags’ – vile fluids.

REMINDER: Closed Beta is currently underway. Players who want to join in the fragfest can hit www.Quake.com to sign up and receive a key.

CHAMPION PROFILE: Sorlag – Sorg Flesh-Trader

  • Starting Health: 150
  • Starting Armor: 50
  • Speed: 280

Active Ability – Acid Spit: Have an enemy pinned in a corner or want to protect the Obelisk in Sacrifice? Sorlag’s Acid Spit is the perfect added weapon to finish off foes or help control key pathways and locations. Spray it on enemies, on the floor, or on the walls and anyone who passes through will take immediate damage as well as become poisoned, taking additional damage over time.

Passive Abilities: Sorlag has two Passives. First, Bunny Hop allows her to gain speed while jumping forward in a straight line and grants her a great deal of maneuverability while in the air. Second, her Acid Fiend ability means that she’s protected from her own Acid Spit, as well as the Acid Spit of enemy

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