Project Highrise Is the New Vegas Casino Wonderland

Posted on 13 Apr 2017 by
Lee Braden

You have conquered down-town Chicago, either way now it’s time to take on the mob and create a casino in the Project Highrise Las Vegas expansion.

SomaSim has boosted you from the boring concrete wall to wall that is Chicago, and thrown you into the desert to make your name with a glitzy place, where you could be rubbing shoulders with Dean Martin or trying to out-drink Frank Sinatra, all while also building your very own lucrative Casino.

As hey, everyone has to start with a plot of land and build it up, so get ready to get dirty as you start building and make a name for yourself as one of the great Casino builders in the land.

To help you get money from those who want to make it big, you have the following:

  • Full Casino lounges with all the favourites, such as Baccarat, Poker, Roulette and Slots.
  • Hotels, everyone needs sleep, just remember, a guy who puts down 20k bets wont be content with a closet.
  • Showhalls with booking and events, as if you want to make everyone happy you’ll need some live music.
  • VIP’s will turn up, be they Rock Stars (note; order new TV’s) or just a guy who wants to burn through 500k a night.
  • New challenges to deal with, such as random events and Air Conditioning, as it does get warm in the desert.

So, head on over and grab the Las Vegas expansion to make it big, or if you haven’t picked up the base game already, no time like the preset, sitting at a glorious 50% off discount on Steam as I write, ringa-ding-ding baby!

Official Press Release

Over 230,000 units and seven free updates later, building management sim Project Highrise now has its very first expansion for PC & Mac, introducing casinos, nightclubs, hotels, VIPs and more to the much-loved game by Chicago outfit SomaSim. Welcome to the ostentatious but brilliant lands of Las Vegas.

The once desolate desert lands of Las Vegas are now heaving with swanky hotels, vast casinos and millions of tourists dreaming of making it big, forgetting the key rule that the house always wins. Now that house can be yours. All you need to do is push your management skills to the limit as you try and build the next big resort in the cutthroat world of Sin City.

The expansion is priced at £4.99/€6.99/$6.99.


  • Casinos – Entice people to come and part with their hard-earned money in style, with all new casinos.
  • Hotels – Why do your visitors need to leave at all? Keep the business travellers and high-rollers rolling through, with rooms of all sizes that fit every need – but be sure to keep them happy as your ratings depend on it!
  • Events & Shows – Bring in the best show in town, and attract crowds of happy visitors… and their wallets. Have them come in for the show, but stay for the food and the games.
  • VIPs – Invite rock stars, comedians, or business gurus to come and perform at your venue – but just don’t expect them to come for free! The bigger the celebrity, the bigger the demands.
  • Evolved Gameplay – Experience how the new location challenges your building skills, from new type of Air Conditioning utility, to special service elevators, NPCs, random events and more.

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