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Arkane Studios released a new video for Prey from the archives of the TranStar Corporation, within we hear some glitchy voice telling us about all sorts of Alien variations and their varying super powers.

In the recent blog-post on, they go more in-depth into the various design decisions of those Typhons, while trying to avoid the usual cliché Alien troupes and what have you. For instance, the “Telepath” Alien is usually surrounded by possessed humans that are clearly still conscious, telling you to “Go Away”, “Run” or telling you that they aren’t in control of themselves.

What you do in that situation is probably up to you, be a complete dick and kill ’em all, or try your best to save these enslaved people. Since these “Typhons” see you as a virus, they created something called the “Nightmare”. A typhon whose sole purpose is to hunt and kill you, and even tho it’s the biggest of ’em all, it can still hide in any nook or cranny, just waiting for you…bunch of creepy weirdos these Typhons are.

Official Press Release

We’ve just released a new video for Prey titled, ‘Typhon Research’. Watch this video from the archives of TranStar Corporation’s  Typhon Research Team to learn more about the alien force that has infested the space station. Check out for more details and insights from the team at Arkane Studios.

Something has gone very, very wrong aboard Talos I. What began as an experiment aimed at bettering humanity has turned into a full-on alien infestation by the previously contained entities called Typhon. With a full ecology, the Typhon aliens are more than just shadowy creatures hell-bent on destroying the human race. Now Morgan Yu, who is at the center of these experiments, must fight the invasion in order to save humanity.

Set to launch worldwide on Friday, May 5, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Prey is the highly-anticipated first-person sci-fi action game from Arkane Studios – creators of the award-winning Dishonored series which includes the 2012 ‘Game of the Year’ and the critically-acclaimed follow-up, Dishonored 2. 

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