PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Latest Patch Details

Posted on 30 Jun 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

The runaway success of Brendan “Playerunknown” Greene’s battle royale game cannot be overstated. Making just shy of $100 million USD in four months in early access, and soaring past the 4 million players mark, Bluehole has a lot to be proud of. Previously known for making the action-MMO TERA, the South Korean-based developer’s latest title has shown no signs of slowing down, especially with a release on the Xbox One X coming by the end of this year.

Probably one of the few Early Access games that schedules weekly bug-fix and performance patches, with larger monthly patches bringing new content and features, PUBG is closing the lid on its third month of development with some much-needed changes. Two new weapons are coming in the patch, out now, the first is the Russian Groza-1 assault rifle chambered in 7.62mm, and only found in airdrop packages. The second is the Austrian Glock 18C (known as the P18C in-game), a 9mm sidearm with a full-auto firing mode. Two new weather effects, Sunset and Clear skies have been added, plus a whole host of network and client performance updates. You can read the full list of patch notes here, plus some additional notes here detailing how the loot tables have been balanced in the current update.

Tucked away in the first set of notes above is the revelation that Bluehole has banned over 25,000 cheaters in-game, with likely more to come. PUBG uses BattlEye, developed by ARMA makers Bohemia Interactive and used in a variety of games, the majority of which are in early access. Previously, cheaters could remove the exterior walls of buildings, remove trees and recoil, all by editing files that PUBG uses. I myself have experienced a bug that accomplished the same idea, though it was only on two buildings. As patching continues for PUBG, here’s to hoping that Bluehole and Playerunknown himself will continue to deal with cheaters in an aggressive manner.

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