Out There: Oceans of Time – Release Date

Posted on 17 Nov 2021

Resource managing space adventure Out There will be receiving a sequel on 10 February 2022. Oceans of Time will put players in the role of the captain of an expedition to explore the cosmos and predictably tasks you with deciding its fate. Y’know, typical Tuesday stuff. Check out the new trailer above.

Official Press Release

Space folder drives are spun up and a new destination has been set.

Out There: Oceans of Time will be dropping into your orbit on February 10th, 2022.

The release date was announced exclusively during the MIX Next showcase that aired over the weekend, dropping in our brand new trailer that tracks the origins of the Out There franchise right up until today, and the upcoming release of Oceans of Time (with all new gameplay footage!).

Have a look:

For those new to the (many) worlds of Out There, Oceans of Time is the sequel to Out There, the award-winning space exploration game blending roguelike, resource management, and interactive fiction (but you don’t need to have played the original to enjoy this new adventure). Explore a vast universe that is different every time you play, and immerse yourself in a rich, branching narrative where the very fate of the cosmos rests in the hands of you and your crew.

So, mark your diaries, and stay tuned for more very soon.

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