One Hour of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Posted on 01 Aug 2017 by

By now we’re all looking forward to the game, right? I know I totally am. Bethesda doesn’t seem to get the memo just yet, because they’re giving us an entire hour of gameplay split up into three videos. I’m too afraid to get spoiled myself, so I only took a little peek into each one… and I already got spoiled by some wheelchair action. Yeah, you’re about to shoot some Nazis in a wheelchair… and you’re the one in the wheelchair, just so we are clear on that, alright?

Machine Games and Bethesda have to be quite confident to show off so much of the game already. For that one person who’s still uncertain of playing this game, this hour of gameplay is for you, and probably for you alone. Stop being uncertain and… be certain now! We all have to suffer from this temptation to watch all this footage because of you! I’m currently playing Wolfenstein for the umpteenth time myself to get into PC controls again.

Bloodborne has taken up the last few weeks of my life and I’ve forgotten how good 60fps+ and precise controls felt like… almost. I’d think Wolfenstein is a good example of why the mouse is still the vastly superior aiming input for games. Anyway, go watch the videos if you please, I personally wouldn’t for spoiler reasons. I hate Machine Games already for spoiling a pretty weird story point in their very first trailer, but let’s not lose our heads about that just yet.

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