Oh the Many Ways to Play Dishonored 2

Posted on 22 Sep 2016 by
Jordan Fong

Dishonored 2, a tale to be told of redemption, honor, and of course, awesome kills brought together by carefully planning out your attacks…and maybe some stealth. As some of you may know, the story follows Corvo and Emily who fight desperately against the Empress Delilah Kaldwin in order to take the throne back and place Emily justly so atop it. Whether it be discreet, or guns blazing with a blade at the ready, players of the first game know there’s plenty of fun to be had in excellently explorable levels. How you play is up to you, every move matters. In the video above are just a few examples of the extent of your abilities and what you can do with them.

With all those abilities, why not have just as many opportunities for achievements. Yeah, I know “they’re just achievements” you say, and I feel the same way. But if you’re eager for spoilers, well…I have some. The full achievement list has been officially released, and I haven’t even opened the link yet, nor am I going to. But you can, and let me say it one more time. Spoiler Warning!

Getting away with murder is one of the finer things in life (it probably isn’t, but just run with it for a second). What better place to get your murder on, than the beautiful city of Karnaca? What better way to show of such a location, than with pristine concept art. Just take a look at the wonderful atmosphere created for Dishonored 2. If you’re keen to get murdering in the name of Emily Caldwin, or murder as her, or not murder at all, or like, murder some?

If you’re keen to play Dishonored 2 you’ll be able to reclaim your honor November 11, 2016.


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