Odysseus Kosmos Episode 2 Release Date

Posted on 13 Feb 2018

Episode 2 of the humorous point and click adventure game Odysseus Kosmos & His Robot Quest now has a solid release date – 1 March 2018. In it the story of the titular engineer and his quest to save the galaxy and finally get back to sleeping. There’ll be new locations and mini-games too.

Odysseus Kosmos episode 2 will set you back $4.99 on its own or you can buy the full adventure for $14.99.

Official Press Release


Everybody knows that saving the galaxy is no easy task — especially when you are a lazy engineer as Odysseus Kosmos. Did you really think he would have the world saved in the very first episode? Well, we better not say it loud because if he hears us there is a chance that the adventure may be finished as quickly as possible so our hero can get back to his favorite hobby: sleeping! Herocraft is proud to announce that the second episode of Odysseus Kosmos and His Robot Quest, a 2D point-and-click comedy adventure, will be released on Steam for $4.99 / €4,99 on March 1st. Players can also buy the full adventure for $14.99 / €14,99

In this second episode, players will join Odysseus again as he continues to solve the riddles hiding in the San Francisco ship. New locations and mini-games await our beloved engineer and his robot Quest. But, more important, you’ll get to know better about the fate of Earth as well as Odysseus past. Even better, you’ll get to know the true mission of the San Francisco! All of this happens in an enormous ship that only you can keep in working order, and a star system dominated by a black hole that hides incalculable secrets — and turns out that they affect your ship in strange and unexpected ways… Looks like your future will be full of surprises!

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