Odysseus Kosmos And His Robot Quest Announcement

Posted on 26 Oct 2017

There was a time when almost all point and click adventure games were silly comedy and obtuse puzzles – thankfully one of those things is (mostly) in the past and the comedy bit is still happening. The latest game to take up that torch is Odysseus Kosmos And His Robot Quest developed by Pavel Kostin. You’ll play the titular engineer and his robot pal who are all alone on a space ship while the rest of the crew is down on a planet suffering the effects of time dilation, and there’s a black hole messing with the ship too, because even comedy needs a bit of physics horror.

Odysseus Kosmos has a demo of the first episode available for free right now on Steam while the rest of the game will be launching on 28 November 2017.

Official Press Release


You are getting closer to a black hole and here in deep space no one can hear you scream… but what you want, what you really want, is for that alarm clock to stop ringing so you can stay just five more minutes in your cozy bed! Herocracft is proud to announce Kosmos Oddisseus and His Robot Quest, a 2D point-and-click comedy adventure, where you play as ship engineer Kosmos, part of a crew in a voyage to a black hole deep in outer space. Kosmos Oddisseus and His Robot Quest will be released for Steam for $ XX / € XX on November 27th.

When Kosmos Oddisseus and His Robot Quest starts, your shipmates are down on the surface of a planet where time moves far, far slower and you, along with your robot, have been waiting for years for them to return to your orbital station. The situation looks pretty bleak – but never lose heart! There is a host of scientific problems to solve, experiments to conduct, an enormous ship that only you can keep in working order, and a star system dominated by a black hole that hides incalculable secrets — and turns out that they affect your ship in strange and unexpected ways… Looks like your future will be full of surprises!


  • Old-school 2D point-and-click adventure
  • Explore the outer space in cool retro pixel-art
  • Immerse yourself in a sci-fi story whit a pinch of good-hearted humor
  • Live a 5-episodes adventure full of surprises – and enjoy the pilot episode for free!
  • Special game mode for blind people
  • Character customization if you buy 2 DLCs for $40 each naaah, just kidding!
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