Northgard’s Latest Faction: Clan of the Bear

Posted on 24 Jul 2017

Today, Shiro Games are pleased to announce the release of another exciting faction to their viking themed strategy-sim, Northgard, with the Clan of the Bear update. Coming with several bug-fixes, general improvements, new skills and of course, the Clan of the Bear faction for all your viking needs.

The Bear clan come from the furthest reaches of the north, known for their strength as defensive warriors and as the only faction to withstand the bitter winters of Northgard as a Canadian handles a snowstorm. Their Shieldmaiden and Armored Bear units are a force to be reckoned with and might prove to be an essential game changer to those who play. For more details on today’s update, click this shiny orange link, and enjoy!

Official Press Release

Northgard: new Clan of the Bear introduced to popular Viking strategy game

Shiro Games will today introduce a new faction, the Clan of the Bear, to their Viking strategy game Northgard. The studio is also happy to announce that press will be able to have an exclusive first look at the upcoming single player campaign mode, at gamescom, from the 22nd to the 24th of August. If you are interested in a presentation and an interview with the developers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Members of the Clan of the Bear are known to be the most resilient warriors and excel in defensive wars. Hailing from the northern reaches of the realm, they are also well suited to endure the freezing winters of Northgard. Stalwart protectors of the land, the Clan of the Bear receives bonuses during winter as well as two exclusive units: the Shieldmaiden, true defender of her people replacing the clan’s warchief as its leader, and the Armored Bear, a powerful defensive unit that cannot enter enemy territory.

The new clan comes with an update introducing a host of fixes and improvements, including an improved AI and balance between Clans. More details can be found in the latest patch notes.

Northgard was released on Steam Early Access on February 22nd and quickly became one of the most popular strategy games on the platform, being consistently featured as a global top seller in the weeks after launch.

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