No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update

Posted on 08 Mar 2017 by
Lee Braden

Yet another surprise from “it’s not dead yet” company, Hello Games, as we have a new content patch for No Man’s Sky.

Pathfinder is the new update, adding in a host of new stuff, including PlayStation 4 Pro support (which Sony claims is 4K…not really) but importantly Steam Workshop integration. Aside from the Steam Workshop for sharing bases (which we still can’t meet up with anyone…) there is a plethora of new modules for your base, such as landing pads, parking pads, new ramps, lights, domes, even the ability to choose from having a wood veneer on something, or multiple external colours.

Weapons and multi-tools have been redesigned, each with their own style and also new specializations that can be used to change the way the weapon or multi-tool works, ranging from pistols to the advanced Alien designs. Perma-death and survival modes have been added for extra challenges, which bring their own achievements to show off your prowess in the new modes.

Also added is something that, when this author first saw it, is a bit of a copy, as that Hello Games has added in much needed ground vehicles to No Man’s Sky, the issue is that a friend of mine who I linked the press release too said “Hang on, did they copy Osiris: New Dawn?” as it does seem a bit close.

Several new types of ground vehicles have been added; the fast 4×4 Rover which has a boost jump, the Hover skimmer that wasn’t shown off much in the trailer, and a massive 4×8 mining truck. Each vehicle will add to your ships scanner range for searching planets for luxuries or other people’s bases.

This is a pretty large update for an “abandoned” game, and honestly if you are interested, even if it’s a case of “on Steam wishlist for Christmas 2020” head on over to the official dev post and have a look.

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