Multi-lingual Cats on Duty

Posted on 20 Feb 2024 by
L Coulsen

I bet you didn’t know cats can speak. And I absolutely bet you didn’t know they are fluent in almost a dozen languages. Well, now you do. You can see the full list, down below. It’s mostly all the usual suspects, but that’s not a bad thing. More people who can flex their meows is always a good thing.

Official Press Release

Cat Got Your Tongue? New Languages Added to the Cats on Duty Playable Prologue!

Grab your catnip and unleash your cattitude with this full first-chapter gameplay extravaganza!

Limassol, Cyprus – February 20th 2024. Real-time strategy fans, listen up as Indie publisher ESDigital Games and developer Prikol Team have some ‘paw-some’ news for you. Following the huge success of the cat-tactic playable Prologue for Cats on Duty on Steam, the team has just added a bunch of new languages so even more furry friends can enlist in the fight against the hordes of the undead and other nasties springing up from the underworld.

Invite more recruits from across the world to join you in this hilarious, action-packed blend of real-time strategy, tower defense, and match-3 mechanics with 10 new languages now added. As well as English and Russian, the Prologue now includes:

– French

– Italian

– German

– Spanish

– Portuguese

– Traditional Chinese

– Simplified Chinese

– Korean

– Polish

– Japanese

As well as the new languages, the team has been ironing out a few issues and adding a few quality-of-life enhancements to the cat-tasic Prologue.

The Steam Prologue contains the whole first chapter of Cats on Duty spread over 10 captivating levels, each showcasing a unique challenge and certain game feature. There is even a minigame, and a full boss fight to get your claws into, to prepare you for what’s to come in the final game.

That’s not all! Here you can try out the co-op mode with your friends or family. One player focuses on the tile-matching field of the game screen to win the food needed to recruit and upgrade your battle cats while the other builds an unbreakable line of defense. Co-op mode can be easily activated or deactivated from the start menu or as you play.

With ‘cat’ and ‘kitten’ difficulty levels available, you can adjust game difficulty on the fly should you find the current level too hard or too easy for your skills or mood. You can also carry over your Prologue save files into the main game, so you can either continue from where you left off or reset the game progress in the settings menu and start over!

Cats on Duty will be released for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation and Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch. Fans can wishlist the game on Steam and PlayStation now!

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