Modern Military Hits War Thunder

Posted on 31 Mar 2017 by
Lee Braden

Gaijin Entertainment is adding a new location with many new vehicles, so get ready for Armoured Battalions in the Middle East, and a Hind!

Yes, I mean the Mi-34 “Hind E” gunship will be coming to War Thunder, along with the T-90 MBT for the Russians. A new location being rolled out is the ‘Middle East’ map, being accompanied by a nice short devblog to tell you all about it. Not to be out-done by their second oldest enemy, the Germans, because they are out in force with the Leopard A2 MBT and the GM-64 Gunshipa German version of the AH-64 Apache.

As of writing this news article, we haven’t heard much else yet, and there is a countdown every hour, the article did mention the F-22 Raptor and the T-50 PAK FA, and the possible return of the Smokescreen mechanic that was removed earlier in the Tank Closed Beta, that’s something, right?

It is interesting however, that over a few April Fools we have had various things that were “tested” and eventually copied over to actual game modes (last years Royal Navy for one) so could this be the test that adds in Helicopters to War Thunder?

Official Press Release

War Thunder Now Features Modern Military! Popular MMO expands its arsenal with present-day tanks, jets and attack helicopters.

Gaijin Entertainment today announced that its military MMO masterpiece War Thunder will begin to feature modern ground and air vehicles, expanding the game’s technology tree from five ranks to nine. Tankers of War Thunder can look forward to modern main battle tanks such as the renown M1A2 Abrams and T-14 Armata, while the game’s pilots will see supersonic jet aircraft like the F-22 Raptor and T-50 PAK FA, as well as a multitude of attack helicopters.

Players can already read about some of the upcoming vehicles in the Developer’s Blog, where the main battle tanks Leopard 2A5 and T-90A as well as the attack helicopters GA-64 and Mi-35 will be presented in great detail, including several images. Further information on how to access the vehicles in War Thunder will also be made available on the official website.

“Our players often reach out to us with requests and wishes for the introduction of modern vehicles to War Thunder,” says Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment. “In fact, even way before the release, we have already begun to run large-scale internal testing and preparations, as we see this as great opportunity to expand the historical framework of our game. This weekend, we are finally able to present the first results of our efforts.”

Updated research trees with a broad array of new vehicles for the army, air and naval forces of all nations will be published soon on the game’s official website. Modern vehicles will bring along a massive amount of new vehicular features to the game, including reactive armour, smokescreen launchers and modern high-precision weapons. More information and details will be released on the game’s Developer Blog in the coming days.


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