Middle-earth Shadow Of War NEW Monsters Trailer

Posted on 21 Aug 2017

Tolkein’s Middle-earth is a land with plenty of ecological variety. The first Shadow Of game didn’t do a great job of highlighting that by only having a handful of creatures but Shadow Of War looks to be emphasising the worst monster of all, microtransactions. No, we don’t regret it, the dig is well deserved.

Seriously though, just seeing that Balrog rising from the lava of Mordor has me wanting to fight it. Preferably while riding a sweet drake or wyrm. A bigger variety of creatures might help alleviate the grind of fighting hundreds of Orcs and Uruk Hai but it’s never as satisfying to play knifey-throaty with a cat as it is with a humanoid opponent.

Middle-earth Shadow Of War is due out 10 October 2017.

Official Press Release

Middle-earth: Shadow of War NEW Monsters Trailer Revealed

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today unveiled a NEW trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, showcasing a wide array of monsters, creatures and beasts that players will encounter both in the wild throughout the game’s expansive open world and as part of story-based missions. The video spotlights the many monsters spreading fear throughout Mordor, including the ancient Balrog Tar Goroth, fire-breathing drakes, ferocious graugs and caragors, spiders, Ghûls and Carnán, the mysterious spirit of nature who can take the form of vicious creatures herself.

The Official Middle-earth: Shadow of War Monsters Trailer can be viewed and shared via the following link: https://youtu.be/EBKwtXGGvjw

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