Marc Laidlaw Trolls the Internet About Half-Life “Epistle” 3

Posted on 29 Aug 2017 by
L Coulsen

By now, I’m sure, y’all have heard about the synopsis of Half-Life 3/2 Episode 3 posted by Marc Laidlaw, the series lead writer. What you may not have been told, is that it’s probably a massive troll post. It does, after all, talk about Gertie Fremont, Alex Vaunt and Mrs X. So, you know what this means, #HalfLife3Confirmed.

Now, if it’s legit, it’s a rather intriguing little read. If it isn’t, it’s still worth reading anyway, because Laidlaw is a talented writer. Honestly, either could be true. The NDA regarding Half-Life is likely to have expired by now, what with it being a decade since the last entry in the series saw light of day. And that being released in an unfinished state itself.

Anyhoo, according to what is written in the above linked blog, Doctor Breen would return in the form of a giant slug creature. His consciousness having been copied, and an earlier version of it(?!) implanted into some empty husk monstrosity by the Combine. Which…actually, that’s one of the more plausible aspects if you ask me, it sounds like the kind of thing Valve would do. This would lead to a boss fight, in which you would put Breen out of his misery, again.

From there, you’d go on to a confrontation with Mossman, held in a Combine prison cell for all her good deeds to humanity. During which she would reveal that Alyx’s Dad also kicked the bucket. Alyx being none too pleased at this revelation, to say the least. From there, the rest of the game would go on to a massive battle through an alien spaceship, perhaps called the Hyperion. The blog lists it as Hyperborea, which is a part of Greecian myth as a home to giants, but could just as easily be a deliberate misspelling of hyperbole.

At the end of all this, things would go tits up, as they usually do, with big explosions and Gordon being plucked away to another pocket dimension, as he is want to do. Not such a bad thing, since reality was supposed to have started twisting all over itself, similar to the end of the first game, with Xen popping in and out of existence all over the place.

So there you have it, the possible plot of Half-Life 3/2 Episode 3, but just as likely a writing exercise to fuel the internet rumour mill. Or hell, even a tacit confirmation that we might, finally, get an actual sequel. And it sounds awesome.

But nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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