Life and Secrets in Wolfenstein II

Posted on 09 Aug 2017

If you didn’t know how repressive regimes work then Bethesda were kind enough to provide this short educational video. In the world of Wolfensten II: The New Colossus life can be very restrictive for the people of the Nazi occupied nations. If you don’t follow the rules even your family members can be the end of you. Even though the short video is done as an old-style sitcom, the scenario portrayed could have been not only plausible but also very dangerous. This has happened and is still happening all over the world where governments aim not to only govern over the country but want to control your mind and thoughts too. And I don’t mean the “decadent” western government for those of you with tin-foil hats…but enough about politics.

Wolfensten II: The New Colossus will come out October 27, 2017.

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