Kobolds Infest Northgard

Posted on 19 Oct 2017

Viking strategy game Northgard is receiving an update that will be bringing every D&D fan’s favourite starter monster, Kobolds to the game. Additionally legendary viking bird Vedrfolnir will be making an appearance, hurt after encountering the undead, help it and it’ll scout the world for a whole year for you. There’ll also be three new tiles; Thor’s Wrath, Geyser, and Ponds which give attack power, happiness/wood consumption reduction, and fishing opportunities respectively.

Official Press Release

With this new update, players have the chance to encounter Kobolds for the first time. This neutral faction occupies random tiles on the map, guarding the precious resources they contain, and can either be a formidable foe or a generous ally. Besides Kobolds, players may also stumble upon the mystical hawk Vedrfolnir, badly hurt after its encounter with the ancient undead warriors, the Draugar. Once healed, this fantastical creature will wander around Northgard for a year and scout the surroundings, revealing up to six new areas to the faction that helped it.

While exploring the lands of Northgard, players can also discover and colonize three new tiles. These new environments include Thor Wrath which provides additional attack power to any clan controlling it, or Geyser, giving a happiness bonus and a reduction in wood consumption to its owner during winter. Finally, Vikings settling on the new Pond tiles can now also fish there to feed their clan.

Further details can be found in the latest patch notes.

Northgard was released on Steam Early Access on February 22nd and quickly became one of the most popular strategy games on the platform, being consistently featured as a global top seller in the weeks after launch.

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