Killing Floor 2 Releases Free Descent Content Pack

Posted on 22 Mar 2017 by
David Pink

The gore obsessed maniacs over at Tripwire Interactive are pleased to announce the release of their newest content pack for their bloody disgusting co-op FPS series, Killing Floor 2, titled ‘The Descent’… oh, and did I mention it’s absolutely free?!

The first significant content update since launch, which promises to unleash a whole new world of horrific chaos upon players of KF2 with the addition of new maps, modes, achievements and weapons. New to the series is ‘The Descent’ maps random location swapping holdout sub-mode, which aims to keep players on their toes round after round by dropping them randomly around the map each wave… yay!

Besides the titular named battle location comes the community-made ‘Nuked’ map into the games official line-up, bringing the grand total of 15 unique arenas to try and survive the horrifying Zed hoards. With the inclusion of the scores of player-made maps with the above mentioned official ones, it’s pretty safe to say that there are more than enough locations to splatter Zed guts in for hours and hours of wholesome family fun.

So what good are some new battle grounds without some new toys to play around with? Coming along with today’s update are two new weapons… well, sort of new, one is the returning fan-favorite “Spitfire” revolver from the original Killing Floor, the second is the large magazine fueled Stoner 63a LMG. Looks like the Firebug perk just got a little more exciting.

In celebration of The Descent content pack, Tripwire Interactive will be featuring a Killing Floor 2 sale via Steam with a massive 50% off discount until March 27, as well as a Free Weekend event starting tomorrow, March 23 at 10:00AM PST/1:00PM EST.

Official Press Release

ROSWELL, GA – March 21, 2017 – Tripwire Interactive is pleased to announce that a brand-new free update for their successful co-op sci-fi horror FPS game, KILLING FLOOR 2, is available now for PC via Steam as well as the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro computer entertainment systems. The brand-new Descent Content Pack marks a significant update for KILLING FLOOR 2 since the game’s full release last fall and promises a whole new world of carnage. Today’s content pack update for KILLING FLOOR 2  contains two brand-new maps, including one that completely shakes up the game, as well as two brand-new weapons for players to blast away the oncoming hordes of deadly Zeds!

The Descent Content Pack features the namesake map, the Descent, which is an all-new type of map never seen in KILLING FLOOR 2 before. The Descent map introduces the new Holdout sub-mode into Survival and will drop players into a new random battle location each wave, making them vulnerable to the horrific Zeds hoping to catch them off-guard. In addition, as a show of its commitment to their devoted and talented fan base, Tripwire has included the community-made Nuked map into its official line-up.

Additionally, the Descent Content Pack includes two brand-new weapons for players to gear up and fire off. Fans of the original KILLING FLOOR will be excited to see the return of the Spitfires, which will see its induction back for single and dual flare gun revolvers for the Firebug perk. An additional weapon makes its introduction into the franchise, the Stoner 63a LMG is a light machine gun allowing for long sustained firepower.

Available now with the release of the Descent Content Pack, players will be able to further explore the horrific world of KILLING FLOOR 2 with brand new features. A full detailed list of all content additions, bug fixes and tuning can be found on the Official KILLING FLOOR 2 Game Group on Steam.

The brand-new Descent Content Pack for KILLING FLOOR 2 includes the following:

  • New Maps and Mode – the Descent, an all-new map featuring the new Holdout sub-mode in Survival that descends players to a new random location each wave, and Nuked, a community-made map that is now featured in the official lineup
  • New Weapons – The Spitfires, a fan-favorite from the original KILLING FLOOR, and Stoner 63a LMG which is a light machine gun that has long sustained fire
  • New Trophy Update – a new Trophy update on PlayStation Store Network that contains new trophies for recently released maps

In celebration of today’s release of the Descent Content Pack, the digital version of KILLING FLOOR 2 will be on sale for 33% off on the North American PlayStation Store Network starting now through March 28th. KILLING FLOOR 2 will also begin its first ever Free Trial Week on PSN through the same dates indicated above.  Today’s new Descent Content Pack is included in the Free Week Trial Version!

KILLING FLOOR 2 will also be featured on Steam with a Free Weekend and 50% off sale starting Thursday, March 23 at 10AM PST/1PM EST through Monday, March 27 at 10AM PST/1PM EST.

And if that’s not enough, Tripwire is also running a 25% off sale over at the Official Tripwire Merch Store!  Simply visit the store here and use the promo code ZED when checking out to get your discount.  The sales lasts until April 30th, 2017.

Tripwire Interactive is committed to listening and engaging with their fans for feedback and encourages players to post their feedback in the Official KILLING FLOOR 2 Forums and be sure to join the Official KILLING FLOOR 2 Game Group on Steam.

In KILLING FLOOR 2, players descend into continental Europe where the outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment has quickly spread and gained unstoppable momentum, essentially paralyzing the European Union— Just one month after the events in the original KILLING FLOOR, the specimen clones are everywhere and civilization is in disarray; communications have failed, governments have collapsed, and military forces have been systematically eradicated. The people of Europe know survival and self-preservation too well and lucky survivors have gone into hiding.

Not all have given up hope though… A group of civilians and mercenaries have banded together to combat the outbreak and established privately funded operation bases across Europe. Upon tracking specimen clone outbreaks, players will descend into zed-laden hot zones and exterminate them.

KILLING FLOOR 2 is developed by Tripwire Interactive and is published by Deep Silver and Iceberg Interactive for the PlayStation®4 Pro, PlayStation®4, and PC. This title has been rated M by the ESRB, PEGI 18, USK 18.

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