Infinite Warfare All but Confirmed (Updated)

Posted on 30 Apr 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

Update: another brief video (below) was posted to Call of Duty’s YouTube, with a man asking for help. The video’s title also contained a link to a Facebook messenger channel, where a Lt. Reyes was looking for help, and a specific code. The letters for this code could be found in the updated Nuk3town map in Black Ops 3. By sending that code via messenger, Reyes hinted at something happening around “1600 GMT.” Fast forward a couple of hours later, and Infinity Ward, developer of the most recent installment, is announcing a livestream for 1030 AM PST, or 1730 GMT.

Original post: Some strange things have been happening around the internet of late. Perhaps in response to the leak of the advertisement for the Legacy Edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare including a remaster of the first Modern Warfare, internet detectives have been hard at work hounding videos, images, and more, most of which are coming from the Call of Duty social media sphere.

First: the video linked above posted to the official YouTube, coinciding with the update of Call of Duty’s official website. Within, an angry, balding man talks of “rewriting history” and the “Settlement Defense Front.” This speech was also seen in a half-hour livestream on the Facebook page. Furthermore, the Instagram has been posting images and a video, possibly revealing the cover of Infinite Warfare.

Of course, that’s not all. People picking through the US Patent and Trademark Office have found two filings, one for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and another for just Infinite Warfare. If all that wasn’t enough, in the Nuk3town map given to all players of Black Ops 3, a number of teasers, including audio clips, logos, and unusual posters have been discovered outside the map, along with a mysterious ship flying in the skies during the round end screen.

To me, all this confirms that a reveal for Infinite Warfare is imminent. One would hope that Activision and Infinity Ward wouldn’t have their announcement coincide with the reveal of the next Battlefield, as shown yesterday, but it’s hard to know when this drip-feed of information will coalesce into a full game. Regardless, for a fan of shooters such as myself, all this information means great things for me. We’ll have more information as more appears online in the coming days.

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Posted 02 May 2016, 13:16
There were hints in the Black Ops 3 Nuketown map. Basically a little ARG. Spaceships.. random letters and what not were hidden in that map. Well, there are spaceships in the sky, not really that hidden.

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Kyle Johnson
Posted 30 Apr 2016, 21:53
That's a good question, especially since it appears that much of the maps in Black Ops 3 are simulations, or at least not "real" locations. I'm not sure if the story of Black Ops 3 will figure in to IW, but it might be neat if it did.

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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 30 Apr 2016, 21:46
What does Nuk3town have to do with it? I thought BlOps and MW are different universes?