Here’s The Grind on Gears of War 4

Posted on 17 Aug 2016 by
David Pink

Earlier today during the 2016 Gamescon, held in Cologne, Germany, Microsoft dropped some hefty bombs on Xbox One and PC gamers for their upcoming sequel to the massively popular cover-shooter, Gears of War 4. Much like the last gameplay teaser released, comes an even longer, semi-lethargic, seen-it-before style, 10 minute long trailer, except this time being a silky smooth 60fps 2160p (4K) rendered PC specific trailer. Along with it comes the minimum, recommended and ideal system requirements needed to enjoy the newest addition in the long running series. The requirements have a wide range to fit the many different PC gamers rigs, from the lowest required i5 3470 CPU, 2GB GTX 750 Ti with 8GB RAM to the ideal required i7 4790 CPU, 6GB+ GTX 980Ti or GTX1080 and 16GB RAM (or AMD equivalents) all of which needing Windows 10 and 80GBs of free HDD space. Unlike our lowly console brethren, the PC version will of course come packed with some of the bells and whistles we PC gamers come to expect, 4K texture support, ultra-wide monitor support and the much loved unlocked frame rate option. Coalition’s technical director, Mike Rayner has confirmed all the above, along with hinting at a much wider range of graphical settings then its console counterparts, ensuring us PC players that we’ll “really have full control” over its performance and visuals.

Microsoft was also kind enough to inform gamers that those who pre-order Gears of War 4, will get an Elite Gear pack, “Brothers to the End” as a bonus. Coming with at least two stylish weapons, a Gold Wave Lancer and the Gold Wave Gnasher. Paying homage to the most beloved characters of the series earlier games, including “Tomorrow” Anya, the grizzled Old Man Marcus and of course, what would any game be these days without the inclusion of the rotting, festering living corpses we’ve all come to love with Zombie Dom. Gears 4 is set to release come October 11th, seeing as the listed requirement of Windows 10 only, it’s safe to say, much like the other Xbox One and PC only titles, it will be a Windows 10 Store exclusive. One can only hope (especially me) that, in time, like the once exclusive Windows 10 Store Quantum Break, Gears 4 will grace us in the not-to-distant future, on the mighty Steam platform, heck, maybe even bringing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition with it.

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