Here’s How Weapon Crafting Works in Infinite Warfare

Posted on 15 Oct 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

It does not, as one might suspect, involve smashing moon rocks together until new guns pop out. Rather, the team at Infinity Ward have opened up the depth of the Call of Duty franchise even further, by adding the ability to craft guns in Infinite Warfare. Typically, players will progress through multiplayer levels, unlocking guns along the way. Now, those guns are treated as “prototypes,” which allow players to earn ways to unlock further variants of those guns, each with their own perks, similar to Weapon Proficiencies found in Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3.

Varying levels of rarity will require more and more “salvage” which, according to the video, “can be earned in a variety of ways.” There’s no indication yet if the “Supply Drops” found in Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 will return, but with many camouflages and likely attachment variants to be found, it seems unlikely that Activision and co would change course on the matter. No, there is still no beta for PC, but pre-ordering Infinite Warfare will net you access to the campaign of Modern Warfare Remastered prior to release.

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