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With Hearts of Iron IV only days away from launch, it is high time to address one of the key factors that make up gameplay – politics. While Hearts of Iron III had already a complex system in place, its nation specific political events were usually limited. Not so in Hearts of Iron IV where whole individual national focus options are set in place for the seven major nations. Other nations will have to do with a generic tree, although one might assume that DLC could change this.

With this new system, players can shape and influence their own nations as they desire with all the consequences that come from their actions. Alternatively one might focus on influencing neighbours, potential enemies or allies.

For more information consider checking out the press release below.

Official Press Release

STOCKHOLM – MAY 17– With Hearts of Iron IV only days away, Paradox Development Studio offers you the levers of power as the world descends into the firestorm of World War II. The latest and final video developer diary before release outlines the types of decisions you will be asked to make as the president, prime minister or dictator of any nation you choose.

The focus here is on the big picture – the long term decisions you make as a national leader to set yourself up for ultimate victory.

On the political side of Hearts of Iron IV, you will responsible for the final shape your nation takes.

  • National Focuses: Each major power has a custom tree of decisions where you can set out your immediate and future goals
  • Ideological Drift: Appoint cabinet ministers who represent fresher ideologies to bring closer to one side of the ideological struggle.
  • Coups and International Support: Commit political power to supporting the rise of a friendly party in a potential rival or sponsor a rebellion against your enemies
  • Research and construction: You can’t do everything at once, so organize your government and infrastructure to achieve your long term goals.
  • Send “Volunteers” to Help Friends: If a civil war breaks out, it might be helpful to push your side to victory by delegating your own troops to fight at their side. 

Hearts of Iron IV will be available on June 6, 2016.

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