Hearts of Iron IV Is Storming the Beach

Posted on 07 Jun 2016 by
David Pink

Paradox Interactive released the fourth installment in their hugely popular Hearts of Iron franchise on June 6th. The well-loved strategy wargame series is back with a bang! Further expanding on it’s already extremely in-depth and well-polished sophisticated gameplay comes heavier emphasis on accessibility and greater control to each player’s troops, infrastructures and research capabilities. Also being released for free to all owners of Hearts of Iron IV is the ‘Poland: United and Ready’ first minor power National Focus DLC.

Set in and around the chaotic years of World War II, take control of any of the seven strongest nations as an industrial titan, a command in chief and its President, building vast armies with extreme firepower as the world’s tension grows. Will you alter history, imposing your ideology, forever changing the world or will you take up arms and follow in history’s footsteps?

For more information about Heart of Iron IV, check out it’s official homepage and the press release included below.

Official Press Release

STOCKHOLM – June 6, 2016 – Paradox Development Studio returns to one of its most popular game series with the release of Hearts of Iron IV. This giant war game gives you control of any nation in the world during the chaotic years in and around World War II. Vast armies are yours to command, industrial infrastructures are yours to build and the far reaches of science are yours to research.

The Hearts of Iron series has always been one of the deepest and most sophisticated games about humanity’s greatest conflict. Hearts of Iron IV brings greater attention to the big picture of battleplans and sweeping troop movements, with a heavier emphasis on accessibility without losing the depth that fans have long admired.

As the world tension grows, you will be tested as a president, a commander and an industrial titan.

  • Command the Great Powers: The seven strongest nations in the world come with exclusive National Focus trees to guide you through your new history
  • Battleplan System: Set plans in advance for your armies and watch them execute their missions with the click of a button
  • Two Historical Scenarios: Start the game with the explosion of war in 1939, or begin in 1936 to build up for the coming conflict
  • Eleven Research Trees: Upgrade your weapons and vehicles, learn new military doctrines and unlock the mysteries of the atom and computing
  • Change History: Can you bring the mighty Soviet Union to its knees? Get to Berlin by 1942? Build an alternate American empire in South America

Hearts of Iron IV is being released alongside the first minor power National Focus DLC, Poland: United and Ready which is available to all customers for free!

As well, the heavy metal band Sabaton, a popular group in the studio, has licensed a number of their World War II themed songs for a special Hearts of Iron music pack now available for purchase.

Take up arms in defense of your country, or sign up to impose your ideology on a hostile world. Hearts of Iron IV is here.

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