Halo Wars 2 Sees PC Physical Release Soon

Posted on 11 Jan 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

Quite possibly the first arrangement of its kind for a Xbox/Windows 10 cross-play title, THQ and 343 are bringing copies of Halo Wars 2 to stores near you for Windows 10. This agreement allows for both the Standard and the Ultimate Edition to come to PC, the latter of which sees a remastered Halo Wars come to both Windows 10 and the Xbox One.

The Ultimate Edition also lets buyers play Halo Wars 2 four days early, and includes access to the Season Pass, which unlocks new Leaders, units, cards for the Blitz gamemode and campaign missions. The Standard Edition of Halo Wars 2 will run you $59.99 USD/EUR, and the Ultimate Edition will run you $79.99 USD/EUR.

Both bring Halo Wars 2 on four separate DVDs for installation, and Halo Wars 2 will release on February 21st.

Official Press Release

Vienna, Austria – January 10, 2017: THQ Nordic is partnering with Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries to bring Halo Wars 2 for Windows 10 to retail stores worldwide via physical packaging release. In addition, purchases of the physical retail release of Halo Wars 2 on Windows 10 PC will grant digital access to the Xbox One version via Xbox Play Anywhere.

Both the Standard and Ultimate Edition of Halo Wars 2 will be available at retail stores with high-quality packaging. The physical retail release of Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition is stunning and provides fans with four-day early access to the core game, a Season Pass and Halo Wars 2: Definitive Edition, an enhanced version of the original Halo Wars that is playable on both Windows 10 and Xbox One as an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

“After working on so many titles together with Microsoft in 2016, we are stoked to start the year with another partnership. Being able to deliver such a big franchise to RTS and Halo fans alike, the opportunity to buy and own this game in a beautiful physical shape is something we appreciate a lot.” – Lars Wingefors, founder & Group CEO of THQ Nordic

“For fans who love to own the box, we’re excited to partner with THQ Nordic and bring Halo Wars 2 to physical release on Windows 10,” stated 343 Industries Studio Head of Strategy Games Development Dan Ayoub. “THQ Nordic has been great to work with and we look forward to the game’s release on Feb. 21, 2017.”

Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition includes four-day early access, releasing on February 17, 2017, retailing at 79,99 EUR/USD, and the Standard Edition will release on February 21, 2017, retailing at 59,99 EUR/USD.

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Stephen Haselden
Posted 16 Jan 2017, 16:37
How is this anything other than consumer blackmail? and an attempt to shackle PC gamers with the same restrictions that console gamers have to put up with?

I'm usually quite pragmatic about gaming, sh*t happens, some companies do crap stuff, but at the end of the day there are still plenty of great games for me to play... But MS want to do away with that silver lining, they want to control the entire marketplace (Don't tell me they don't, or the wouldn't have pulled this crap).

Some people complain about Gaben and how DRM and Steam are too invasive. Well think about this, Steam may monitor your use of certain programs, in order to prevent hacks and cheating etc.. but even they can't disable the physical components in your machine.

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Stephen Haselden
Posted 16 Jan 2017, 16:41
Right now, I'd rather get an Xbox than get Win10.
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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 17 Jan 2017, 14:02
I think that's part of a major discussion about Win overall and has nothing to do with the specific's of Halo Wars 2 retail release, which I honestly think is great. We will be able to get more competitive offers from retailers than on the cursed Windows Store.

And on the topic of bad M$, it doesn't matter if the game is on Steam or Win Store, it'll still be affected the same by the OS (Win10).

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L Coulsen
Posted 19 Jan 2017, 14:38
What's this about locking out hardware? I'm missing something

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Stephen Haselden
Posted 19 Jan 2017, 18:35
The link I posted explains that win10 has the ability to shut down your hardware. There are plenty of other sources that corroborate this too.

But on the subject of Halo wars 2, I'd love to play that as well except, its inclusion in the windows store means you have to have win 10 to use it. Don't be mistaken there is no problem with Halo wars 2 that means its impossible to play on win7, its just MS being dicks, and witholding HW2 from PC gamers who don't want win10.

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David Pink
Posted 20 Jan 2017, 13:01
I've been using Windows 10 since 2014, never had any issues like hardware being shutdown lol, no offense Elethio but those sound like some conspiracy level type ramblings. Maybe I'm stupid or simply don't care, if M$ was spying on me, I'd be in jail long time ago lol, put it that way.

I will say that locking anything behind a wall, artificially too, is still majorly bullshit, Win 10 store, no reason really it couldn't be on Win 8 store or... Steam lol, other then greed and wanted their cake and eating it too. As for Windows 10, it's solid, speedy, and virtually problem free, which is more then I can say about Windows ME, Vista, and 8.1 :)

Nothing wrong with 8 or 7, besides being shut out on some M$ games on their store, if you love either system and have no issues, stick with it. :D

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L Coulsen
Posted 21 Jan 2017, 09:36
I've heard about these things, but yet to see any conclusive proof of it actually happening. However, I will note that I reinstalled Windows 10 when I changed my GPU last year. It kept giving me an error when I tried to activate, even though it was activated before the change.

It does seem that that's a common complaint, but like the people who had a delay activating 10 after the upgrade, reports are that it straightens itself back out after a few days. I just couldn't be arsed waiting that long, and was having some other, peripheral, issues from the fact I'd had Windows 7 installed for almost two years before the upgrade anyway. So a fresh install was a good idea regardless.

Microsoft can steal eat a giant, hairy dick