Halo Wars 2 Has Landed on a Planet Near You

Posted on 22 Feb 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

The first appearance of the Halo-themed RTS, Halo Wars 2 has finally made its way to our sector of the galaxy, releasing on both PC and Xbox One simultaneously.

Featuring some of the gorgeous cinematic work by Blur Studio, the launch trailer for Halo Wars 2 sets up the primary conflict of the game: a lone human ship against Atriox, leader of the Banished faction of the Covenant.

A sequel to the events of the first Halo Wars, set after the events of the main trilogy, in an unrelated corner of the galaxy. Coming as another title with the Microsoft Play Anywhere feature, fans of Halo Wars can jump in any time via the Windows Store or by buying the game for the Xbox One.

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