Get Your First Look at the Story of Halo Wars 2

Posted on 23 Jul 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

Originally announced at Gamescom 2015, Halo Wars 2, coming to the Xbox One and PC, has a new trailer out detailing some of the events that transpire throughout the game. Picking up 28 years after the first Halo Wars, 2 sees the return of the Spirit of Fire, along with her crew, as they encounter the Ark, a manufactory of the Halo rings, pan-galactic superweapons. Even though the Human-Covenant War has long since ended, players will still encounter a loose coalition of military holdouts, known as “The Banished.”

Though the trailer has little to offer in way of how the story might play out, there’s some excellent CGI footage from Blur yet again, paving the way for Halo Wars 2’s release next February.

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