Generation Zero Celebrates the Lunar New Year

Posted on 09 Feb 2024 by
L Coulsen

The game has been out for quite some time, now. Just moving along, in the background, kind of innocuous. Largely overlooked, but definitely not ignored. Not least by the devs, who are getting into the spirit of things with some dragon/lunar themed new bits and bobs. Not sure how I feel about the fireworks. I typically want to avoid drawing attention in game, but could be a great distraction. ‘Tis true.

Official Press Release

Gear Up for Lunar New Year Fun: Exclusive Items Await in Generation Zero!

STOCKHOLM – February 9, 2023 – As the Lunar New Year approaches, Systemic Reaction is thrilled to announce a limited time event in Generation Zero, the action-packed open-world game set in an alternate history Sweden overrun by menacing machines. From February 9 – 24, players are invited to immerse themselves in the Lunar New Year celebration and seize the opportunity to acquire exclusive in-game items that will elevate their gaming experience.

During the Lunar New Year event, players will have the opportunity to obtain three free exclusive items:

Lunar New Year Paint Job – Companion: Inspired by the captivating colors of traditional green lion dances, this paint job for your companion is one of the most unique and exclusive offerings in Generation Zero. Obtain it by dismantling machines and looting drops scattered throughout the game world.

Lunar New Year Jacket – Cosmetic Wearable: Elevate your character’s style with this high-end Lunar New Year jacket. Representing one of our more upscale cosmetics, this wearable can be acquired by dismantling machines and looting drops throughout the game world.

Lunar New Year Fireworks – Ltd Edition Decoy: Illuminate the sky and befuddle machines with these limited edition fireworks. Watch as they fire in various directions, dazzling and confusing your mechanical adversaries. These exclusive items will be discovered through looting backpacks and toolboxes across the game world.

Join the celebration in Generation Zero and collect these exclusive items while they’re available. Don’t miss out on this limited-time event!

For more information about Generation Zero and the Lunar New Year event, visit, and follow @GenZeroGame on Twitter.

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