Gears of War 4 Gets Third Title Update

Posted on 11 Jan 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

Bringing two new maps to rotation, pricing changes to in-game DLC packs, and 280 new customization options, the third Title Update for The Coalition’s take on Gears of War is out now. A little background before we dive into the update proper, Gears of War 4 uses a loot crate system that confers various “cards” to players. These cards can be player skins, weapon skins, emblems, challenges, or specific equipment and abilities for the wave-survival Horde mode. For a more detailed description, one can peruse the official website, but in essence, players open packs to hopefully get cards of better rarities, for different player skins.

Now then, Title Update 3 brings 13 new player skins, some of which fans from the previous Gears games may know well. 12 skins have been revealed thus far, with a thirteenth to be revealed later. In addition, 260 new weapon skins, some of which are animated, are being added in this new round of cards, titled Series 2. Title Update 3 also brings pricing changes and updates to the various card packs purchasable within Gears of War 4. The full list of pricing changes can be found here, but in effect, the packs that contained the most rare cards are having drop rates increased, and prices reduced, much to the delight of the community.

Two re-imagined maps are returning as well, Blood Drive and Clocktower, which fans of Gears of War 2 & 3 might remember. Season Pass holders get access to them early in a Developer playlist, with everyone else getting their crack at the maps starting January 17th. Season Pass holders are also getting 20 free card packs, with a free pack being awarded every Friday to those holders.

The Coalition has also been hard at work improving player experiences, by introducing leaver penalties, and a way to rejoin a match that you have left in progress. Leave penalties will be harshest to whomever left the match first, with a matchmaking suspension being awarded to anyone who leaves early from either a casual or a competitive match. Spectator mode improvements are also coming for casters in the eSports scene, and a whole host of bugfixes and balance changes are arriving as well. You might yet see a review of Gears of War 4 out of us yet, otherwise, you can get it on the Microsoft Store for a near-even $59.99 USD.

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