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Posted on 12 Mar 2016 by
Tomer S.

Just several days ago a new crowdfunding website launched called “Gamekicker” from what it seems, it’s built to help bring more exposure to indie games that haven’t had light shed upon them on other crowdfunding sites. The website hopes to help out indie developers with their “Campaign Strategy Guide” and is exclusive to indie devs looking to raise money to create their games.

Furthermore, the creators of the site say they’ve created the site not only because indie devs aren’t getting noticed but also because:

The fact that triple-A and double-A companies are dominating the platforms and using it for other means than crowdfunding. The big platforms are turning into a marketing and validation tool.

Gamekicker uses a very generic crowdfunding format for its site. You have your information about the game, the updates about it and the comments. On the side you have the “rewards” for donating certain amounts of money to the game.

So far 2 games have gone up on the site for funding. The first is CURE, a strategy game about commanding microscopic life developed by Cryogenic Entertainment. It has as of this article going up, only reached %4 of its $75,000 funding goal. The other game that’s up on the site is called God Caster. It seems to be a new online PvP card game but so far has only reached %1 of its goal.

This site does seem like a great idea on paper, but what is usually written on paper works out differently in practice. From the first few days it seems like no one is really paying attention to this brand new site. People looking to fund their project will likely be sticking to the usual sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The chance of their project not getting seen on those website is not a small one but I feel as if it’s better to take that chance rather than go on a site that almost no one uses. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Gamekicker builds itself up as a new competitor in the crowdfunding site industry or crash and burn, never to be seen again.

Official Press Release

The current crowdfunding platforms that are available to indie developers do not provide a healthy ecosystem. Besides being cluttered by board games, valuable exposure is taken away by projects that are not screened and will never raise a dollar. Even more troublesome is the fact that triple-A and double-A companies are dominating the platforms and using it for means other than crowdfunding. Kickstarter is turning into a marketing and validation tool, while Indiegogo is turning into a platform for failed Kickstarters where they try to receive at least a portion of the necessary funds with a flexible funding option.

On March 8th, Gamekicker will provide a new platform that aims to solve all of the current problems of crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Gamekicker will only accept projects from independent developers. The projects are all checked by a campaign manager, with personal contact being one of the spear-points of the screening process. All of the projects on the platform must also provide a playable alpha. While Gamekicker provides an extensive campaign strategy guide that informs and guides developers in all aspects of a crowdfunding campaign, the campaign manager will still check the campaign and provide active coaching where necessary. Gamekicker is the only reward based crowdfunding platform for games, we are in a unique position to provide support in generating exposure for projects!


  • Crowdfunding platform for video games and only video games.
  • Access to the Gamekicker Campaign Strategy Guide.
  • Personal coaching before, during and after the campaign.
  • Active support in generating exposure for campaigns.
  • Higher level of screening for new projects.
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