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Dubbed Grudge & Glory, the next big update for Ubisoft’s For Honor brings similar new content to the previous season, in the form of two more heroes and maps. As well as a new tier of gear, legendary, for experienced players and quicker access to lower tiers for newer players.

Basically, newer characters will level up and get rewards faster, so that they have a chance of catching up and not having their dick punched in at every turn. Though really, even with the quite hefty stat boosts gear can offer, a lot of the game still comes down to skill… and being better at adapting to lag. Which will hopefully be gone soon.

Both the maps and characters are geared around the Knight and Viking cations, one for each. The maps consisting of The Sentinel, which is a ruined Knight castle with only one tower still standing, whilst the latter takes us deep into Viking territory for the Viking Village. Which seems to be the same location in the middle of the Knight single-player campaign. It’s cold, highly functional and looks really pretty.

Supposedly, there will also be an overhaul of the way the game looks, including, but not limited to, new UI elements and visual improvements? Details are a bit shaky, so we’ll know more by on August 15th, when it all launches. The first of the new characters, the Viking Highlander, isn’t a Viking at all, he’s a Scotsman. Replete with a massive Claymore, the heaviest and longest weapon in the game to date, and full blown woad warpaint.

Can’t help but thinking he’d actually make more sense in the Knight faction, what with Scotland being England’s hat and all, but there you have it. He’s an interesting chap, having two distinct combat styles you can switch between. One focused on parrying and counter-attacking, whilst the other is all about hitting things until they fall over dead, but removes your ability to guard all together. That’s… pretty bad-ass actually.

The Knight’s new character is just as inaccurately aligned though, so don’t worry. Being a full on Roman Gladiator, with trident and all. They even say he’s a Roman in the video at the top of this page. But eh, the second season brought us the Knight Centurion, so at this point, just go with it. The Gladiator is a bit more traditional, functioning not at all unlike the Viking Valkyrie, but perhaps just a bit slower and more of a weaver. They focus on stunning their opponents and wearing them down by simply outdoing them in terms of Stamina.

These whole not-actually-apart-of-the-faction-they-belong-to thing does have me wondering though, what the hell are they going to do next? The Knight Musketeer? Viking Gurkha? Samurai Attack Chopper? Eh, just go with it. Season Pass holders will automatically unlock both new characters at no cost on August 15th, while other players will be able to purchase them a week later on August 22nd for 15000 steel, so don’t worry, it’s doesn’t cost any real money, which is nice.

Official Press Release



LONDON, UK — AUGUST 3rd, 2017 — Today, Ubisoft announced that For Honor Season Three “Grudge & Glory” will launch simultaneously across all platforms on August 15th. “Grudge & Glory” will bring the largest updates to For Honor to date with the introduction of new heroes, maps, gear, ranked play and a wealth of gameplay updates. All maps and gameplay updates will be free for all players at the start of Season Three. The new heroes, the proud Highlander and the fearless Gladiator, will be available for free for Season Pass holders on August 15th, while all other players will be able to unlock them in-game on August 22nd for 15,000 Steel. The launch of Season Three is the first step in the For Honor development schedule, which includes another season in November, alongside plans to introduce dedicated servers at a later date.

The never-ending war between Knights, Vikings and Samurai welcomes two new deadly Heroes into the fray:

  • Highlander (Viking Hybrid) – Highlanders are patient heroes capable of switching between two different fighting forms. Their defensive form allows for counter-attacking and trading blows, while their offensive form empowers them to unleash their deadliest attacks at the expense of being able to block. Wielding the heaviest and longest sword in the game, the Highlander’s massive claymore gives them a deadly combination of strength and range.
  • Gladiator (Knight Assassin) – Wielding a trident and shield, Gladiators have made a living off of killing for sport, and now bring their ruthlessness and skill to war. Equipped with little armour, they can punch their opponents to create separation to set up attacks and stuns. Their larger stamina meter and reduced cool down times make them extremely agile and dangerous opponents.

The two new battlefields, Sentinel and Viking Village, will be added to the world map. Both maps hold a unique and deadly environmental hazard, which will force players to master the terrain and be aware of their surroundings at all times. Additionally, Season Three will introduce a new legendary gear rarity and increase the max reputation for all Heroes to 40, giving players more customisation options for their Heroes.

Season Three will also bring competitive play to all platforms with the introduction of 1v1 duel tournaments. Competing in tournaments will allow players to vie for higher rankings, which will reset each season, and win exclusive tournament rewards. Competitive play will continue to grow later this year with the introduction of 4v4 ranked modes. In conjunction with the launch of Season Three and in order to further balance the game in preparation for competitive play, title update 1.11 will bring several additional gameplay updates. Additional gameplay adjustments to better balance offensive and defensive play styles will be tested throughout Season 3.

Those looking to get their first peek at the new content included in Season 3 can tune into the For Honor Season 3 Live Event: Grudge & Glory Reveal livestream tournament on on August 12th starting at 7PM BST. This live event will also see the winners of the For Honor Hero Series qualifiers coming together from around the world to compete for their share of a $10,000 prize pool.

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios,* For Honor offers an engaging campaign and thrilling multiplayer modes. Players embody warriors of the three Great Factions – the bold Knights, the brutal Vikings and the deadly Samurai – fighting to the death on intense and believable melee battlefields. The Art of Battle, the game’s innovative combat system that puts players in total control of their warriors, allows them to utilise the unique skills and combat style of each hero to vanquish all enemies who stand in their way. For Honor will continue to grow and improve with a new season launching in November alongside plans to introduce dedicated servers further down the development schedule.

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