For Honor Open Beta Open Preload

Posted on 06 Feb 2017 by
L Coulsen

For those of you still undecided about For Honor (dafug is wrong with you?!) the Open Beta begins in three days, and is now available for preload on Uplay. Console peasants are going to have to wait until it goes live on the 9th, but who cares about them?

To commemorate the event, there’s a new trailer that can be rotated a full 360 degrees. Yes, this does include the Ubisoft logo at the start. And speaking of consoles, despite being full pre-rendered and mocapped, the videos seems to be running on one of them, because the framerate is choppy as all fook. Looks noice though.

The final Beta sessions introduces a new game mode (that isn’t new, ’cause it was in the closed Beta before last) called Elimination. A best of five, 4v4 brawl. Which will be Twitched tomorrow starting at 2200GMT. Calling on the “fiercest warriors” to demonstrate the Faction War meta game, and introduce the uninitiated to Elimination ahead of time. Also, because pay to win is awesome! People who sign up for Twitch Prime will get ten days of Champion Status, when For Honor launches on Valentine’s day. Giving XP boosts that can be shared with friends, more loot at match completion and a fancy Emblem to show off that you have more disposable income than sense.

‘Cause it’s not like I splashed out for the Collector’s Box or anything.


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