For Honor Has a Season Pass No-one (Everyone) Expected

Posted on 02 Feb 2017 by
L Coulsen

Not gonna’ lie, For Honor is pretty much my most anticipated game of the year. Having now played in all three betas and alphas, with the final, open beta, coming just before launch. It would be fair to say I’ve already pumped about as many hours into the game, before its release, than most others I’ve played in the last year. A trend that will not be coming to end any time soon, considering there’s a season pass on its way. This includes access to the six new heroes, to be released two at a time, a week before they are unlocked for everyone else.

But more importantly, a bunch of free that everyone will get at the same time, regardless of whether they own the season pass. Including, but not limited to, game wide tournaments that will pit player against player, as well as faction against faction. The latter being a persistent part of the game at all times, with ever changing control points dictated by the success of each faction as a whole. Something which the Vikings, unsurprisingly, dominated during the beta last week. Because we”re just awesome like that.

Which each in game season, there will initially also be two new maps added for free. Two every three months, or season. But alongside and succeeding this, there will be new gear, level tiers and other bits and bobs added for every character as the game progresses. Because, according to Ubisoft, For Honor is here to stay. Sounds good to me mates.

No clear indication of the Season Pass price as yet, but the norm for Ubi seems to be around the £15/£20 mark. It comes included with all but the standard version of the game too.

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