First Contact: Aliens Finally Encountered in Elite: Dangerous

Posted on 07 Jan 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

Much akin to the ‘Quest for the Holy Grail’, players in Elite: Dangerous have long been searching for the rumored existence of an alien race known as the Thargoids, a hostile alien race present in the 1984 original title. Now, it appears as though an Xbox One player had the pleasure of having the first encounter on Thursday, January 5th.

In the video linked above, the player DP Sayre warps into “witch space,” the affectionate term for hyperspace in the Elite community. Shortly thereafter, he is unceremoniously yanked out of witch space, with his ship disabled, with what appears to be a pirate ship warping in after him.

Then, the Thargoid ship flies overhead. Looking like a cross between an octopus and a ceiling fan, it scans the player’s ship, before warping out. A couple things to note about the ship: it’s rumored to be just a scouting ship, yet it already dwarfs the player’s craft, it was able to interdict the player’s ship while in hyperspace, and it’s the culmination of almost five years of waiting.

Understandably, the Elite community is over the moon about the appearance of the ship, with likely hundreds, if not thousands of players heading out to the far reaches of the galaxy in an attempt to make contact, and perhaps get the first kill on the Thargoids.

Will this mean war for space truckers everywhere? Time will tell, but stay tuned for more on the rumblings across the digital galaxy.

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