First Class Trailer for Mirage: Arcane Warfare

Posted on 14 Dec 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

Replacing castles and archers with oases and magic may not have been a step anyone expected from Torn Banner Studios, but it’s one we got. The developer of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and now Mirage: Arcane Warfare has swapped out the color palette and introduced some new tricks and abilities in an attempt to distance themselves from the first game.

The first class seen is the Vypress, packed with a number of short-range movement abilities, such as a ledge hook or a teleport spell. Twin curved swords mean that while getting in close and destroying your enemy maybe easy, if you find yourself outnumbered or outmatched, you’re going to struggle somewhat on defense. Here’s to hoping Torn Banner can repeat the runaway success that Chivalry saw with Mirage, which releases sometime in 2017.

Official Press Release

Torn Banner Studios, the creators of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, today released a brand new trailer exploring one of the iconic classes of their upcoming multiplayer action-combat game Mirage: Arcane Warfare, the Vypress.

The Vypress is one of Mirage: Arcane Warfare’s deadliest competitors. Wielding two blades that can slice through an opponent’s head in an instant, the Vypress relies on her superior speed and specialized abilities – the high-flying “Pounce” and the teleportation-like “Phase” – to end her enemies in the blink of an eye. What she lacks in defense she makes up for in agility.

This brand new trailer featuring the Vypress is the first in a series of videos called “Instruments of Death” exploring Mirage’s unique band of warriors that will be released in the lead up to the upcoming 2017 launch of Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

For more information, or to sign up for the closed alpha that is currently running, please visit

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