Fight for a New Home In Mass Effect: Andromeda

Posted on 18 Feb 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

In the first video in a new documentary series detailing the gameplay of the latest Mass Effect game, Bioware takes us through the combat of Andromeda, and how it’s changed from previous entries. First and foremost: the addition of a “jump pack,” which allows players to quickly teleport in almost every direction, fly, and otherwise evade enemy fire. Also new is a dynamic cover system that gives players the ability to use any piece of debris, and their own vehicle for cover.

Little has changed for the standard array of weapons, except for the fact that all classes can equip all weapons now. What has changed is that there are variants of each class of weapon: Milky Way weapons, which are akin to weapons from the first game, and do greater damage to unshielded targets; Remnant weapons, which fire a beam of energy and work off of an overheat system; and Helios weapons, which have either heat-seeking properties or work off of a charge-based system. New melee weapons are making an appearance, each with their own traits.

Gone too are skills exclusive to each class. Now, players can build their Pathfinder in whatever way they choose, taking skills from the Biotic, Tech, and Soldier trees to carve a path through their enemies in whatever way they choose. The end of the video shows just that, combining the gravitational powers of Biotics with the destructive elemental abilities of Techs with the sheer power of the Soldier. Future videos will discuss “Pathfinder Profiles,” which look somewhat like the classes of old, squad skills and commands, and favorite abilities. Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out on March 21st.

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