Explore the Heleus Cluster in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Posted on 07 Mar 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

Seemingly, the final documentary in a series of videos detailing the mechanics and methodology of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the latest video discusses how players can explore and discover for the sake of humanity. Discovering a new home for humans in a galaxy cluster some 600 years of travel away isn’t easy, but the latest video attempts to make clear just how that will happen.

Traveling via the galaxy map gets a bit more immersive in Mass Effect: Andromeda, with players now being able to see planets, starships, anomalies and more out the front-paneled window. Over 100 planets are discoverable, with a handful of those offering opportunities to land and explore on foot. The video goes in detail for one of those planets, but exploration takes place via the Nomad, looking like the Mako in some regards. Offering its own upgrades and touting its own life support systems, players must avoid local environmental and planetary hazards, and discover places for deploying fast travel stations.

All your discoveries and quest completions improve the “viability” of a planet, which allow for creation of human outposts, and improve the Nexus, humanity’s deep space sleeper ship. Improvements to the nexus are either research bonuses, combat bonuses, or commerce bonuses. Finally, all the elements present in earlier trailers come together as you explore massive vaults, each containing secrets and mysteries that can take hours to unravel.

All the exploration, combat, and dialogue will likely take place across the seven “golden worlds,” the details of which are outlined in another recent video. Massive oceans, arid deserts, tropical paradises, all these archetypes will be discovered in your trek across the Heleus cluster in Mass Effect: Andromeda when it releases on March 21st for North America, and March 23rd worldwide.

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