Europa Universalis IV Introduces the Rights of Man

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There are moments in history that define the future in a single stroke. Wars of conquest that change the balance of power, new inventions trump the unbelievable while ideas consume humanity, turn society inside out and stir the fires of revolution… Then again, I am not your history professor so I’ll cut it off there and put it as simply as I can, Europa Universalis IV gets a new expansion.

Expanding the range of diplomatic options that aid greatest powers, Rights of Man allows for new strategies based on cunning political manoeuvring. Ruler personalities, the establishment of a Queen Regency and new government systems are all part of the new experience. Additionally, the expansion is accompanied by an update overhauling two major gameplay aspects – technology and culture.

Official Press Release

STOCKHOLM – 11 October, 2016 – Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio announce the release of Rights of Man (PEGI 12), a new expansion to Europa Universalis IV, the best-selling historical strategy game about exploration, colonization, and development through the early modern era.

The latest expansion to Europa Universalis IV lets the world’s eight greatest powers throw their weight around with new diplomatic options, including forcing others to break their alliances or giving friendly foreign monarchs a boost to their stats. But becoming a Great Power means balancing expansion with technological prowess and development.

Rights of Man includes:

  • Great Powers: Greatness is rewarded with new ways to interact with the lesser nations around you.
  • Ruler Personalities: Your monarchs have Personalities that will help or hurt your nation, and help you anticipate the behavior of neighboring powers
  • Leader Traits: Generals and admirals can earn bonus abilities through combat
  • New Governing Tools: Debase your currency for quick cash, spend military power to increase your legitimacy, abdicate the throne or disinherit inconvenient heirs
  • Queen Regency: Queens can rule in the name of young heirs, with greater power than normal regencies
  • Religious Changes: Coptic Christians and African Fetishists have new systems, deepening the strategy for these faith groups
  • New Government Systems: Ruling Prussia, the Ottomans or Revolutionary Republics will be new experiences since is each getting another look and new mechanics

As always, Rights of Man’s release is accompanied by a free update for all Europa Universalis IV owners, and this one may be our biggest yet with a complete overhaul of two major game systems – technological progress and cultural acceptance, plus other updates that apply to owners of certain other expansions.

Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man is available on major digital platforms and the official Paradox Store for the price of $19.99.

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