Escapists 2, At Least It’s Not The Running Man

Posted on 06 Mar 2017 by
Lee Braden

Mouldy Toof and Team17 have again teamed up to release The Escapists 2.

With a player character who must be like Norman Stanley Fletcherbut is more unlucky and keeps getting arrested, a new prison awaits with new challenges to escape. The new trailer titled “Welcome to Centre Perks” showcases a new version of the prison, which should be familiar to players of the original Escapists.

With a new graphical style, combat system, downtime wasters, items to craft, character customization, new alert system, and of course, all while retaining the humour of the original Escapists, it’s time for round two. Escaping won’t be easy though, due to all the guards, scheduling, cell checks and having to assist other inmates to get supplies, so get ready.

We will be getting another round of Porridge sometime this year, and on a non-PC note, The Escapists 2 will be on the Nintendo Switch as well.

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