EA Asks You to Join the Andromeda Initiative… Whatever That Is

Posted on 01 Nov 2016 by
L Coulsen

In a trailer featuring some chap in a fine piece of N7 armour walking on the moon (there isn’t enough gravity to walk!) EA invites us, pioneers and explorers, to journey to a new galaxy for a story that starts 600 years from now in the latest Mass Effect: Andromeda teaser. All we have to do, is join the Andromeda initiative and begin our training on November 7th. The only real problem being…we have no bloody idea WTF they’re taking about!

Filling out the form at the above link signs you up to the Andromeda Insider newsletter, so that doesn’t help much. Leaving us to postulate…perhaps an upcoming beta testing phase? With special rewards (in game items?) upon completion. It’s all a little on the pretentious side if you ask me, and I’d know, I wrote a book about an immortal talking cat!

I still signed up anyway though. Can’t hurt, can it?

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