E3: PC Gaming Show 2016 Part 1

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David Pink

E3 is back once again with the biggest gaming event of the year and PC Gamer, for the second time now, hosts the PC only press conference to discuss and showcase some of the biggest titles and exciting new games coming to the best gaming platform there is. This year had a ton of content to absorb so let’s not waste any more time and jump straight in!

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

Relic Entertainment gave us a first look at Dawn of War III’s gameplay, which is early in development. Showcasing several things during its two minute trailer, such as its newest environment, the fire and ice infused Planet Acheron. The return of the Blood Ravens legendary commander, Gabriel Angelos. The Imperial Knights, which are massive large-scale walker units newly added to the series. The “death from above” Space Marine drop-pod mechanic and lastly, the Orbital Bombardment skill, an end game “finger of god” space laser used to wipe out legions of enemies. Before leaving the stage, Dawn of War III’s Game Director, Philippe Boulle promised more footage to be shown via Twitch and YouTube come June 24th.

Oxygen Not Included

Klei Entertainment, makers of the delightfully frustrating survival game Don’t Starve, showed off a brief 25 second look into their upcoming game, Oxygen Not Included, which seems at first glance to be a space colony simulation type of game, something in the line of Fallout Shelter meets Spacebase DF-9.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Taking the stage for Studio Wildcard, creators Forest & Jesse Rapczak talked briefly about upcoming changes and features coming to Ark: Survival Evolved, like its new Redwood Forest biome environment, which is a beautiful and lush forest setting with canopy bases and walkways, which will undoubtedly add a fresh new survival experience for players. The newest addition of a massive dinosaur, appropriately named ‘Titanosaur’ which can be used as a walking fortress and mobile siege machine, stomping everything in its path, laying waste to anything dumb enough to stand in its way.

Lastly, the Rapczak’s congratulated the modding communities loving embrace for their game and discussed the addition of two popular mods which will soon be officially added to the game. The roleplaying, total conversion Primitive+ mod which adds various building, farming, cooking and economic features to further enhance players experience within the world of Ark and the Primal Survival mod, which allows players to become one with the fauna, living life as any of the many inhabiting species in Ark, from giant dinosaurs to primates, wolves, sharks, hawks and even the lowly ants, scurrying about the lands.

Giant Cop

A “Giant” innovation in virtual reality comes Other Ocean Interactive’s Giant Cop VR experience. This silly law enforcement simulator has players taking on the role of Giant Cop as he roams around the city dispatching justice to any would be criminals, all while maintaining order and listening to the quirky inhabitants of Micro City’s many pleas for help. This looks like a very goofy, nonsensical, joy filled virtual reality experience that any VR owners should be happy to add to their ever growing collection.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

TaleWorlds Entertainments’ Community Manager Frank Elliott, took to the stage to showcase some of the cool siege gameplay for their upcoming strategy/sandbox medieval epic war game sequel to Mount & Blade. Discussing many of the high points of its siege battle system, such as destructible environments, ballistas, catapults, battering rams, burning jars of oil and siege towers with teams of several hundred players defending and attacking in massive online battles, all of which looks like endless fun for glory and bragging rights for gaming clans out there to sink their teeth into. Before leaving the stage Frank also mentioned how mod friendly the game will be with the inclusion of developer tools and ability to combine many mods into one streamlined, problem free experience.

The Surge

From Deck13, the creators of Lords of The Fallen, comes a quick look at their newest upcoming third-person sci-fi action RPG game, The Surge. With what looks to be a dark and beautiful futuristic universe with giant mechs and exo-suits and super challenging, brutal melee combat. I for one am excited to get my hands on this, as someone who enjoyed their previous games and other brutal, non hand-holding games such as Dark Souls but with futuristic sci-fi.


Hitting the stage this time is Boss Key Productions studio head, Cliff Bleszinski, of Gears of War fame, announcing 5,000 open spots available for the upcoming closed Alpha for LawBreakers and also showing off their newest map, Promenade, which will be available for alpha players to rumble on come June 18th.


CEO of AMD, Lisa Su took to the stage and talked about Red Team’s future hardware, firstly discussing their new Polaris GPUs and giving us a demonstration of DOOM running with the Vulkan API. No details as to which particular card it was running with at the time, but it hovered in the 60-90 fps range which isn’t something to snub your nose at. She briefly talked about AMD’s Zen, an enthusiast class performance CPU coming later this year or early 2017. No specific performance details were given, all we know for now is that the Zen processors will have up to 8 cores and 16 threads.

Before exiting the stage, AMD’s CEO displayed several of the upcoming Polaris cards, the Radeon RX 460, 470 and 480, the latter being aimed at an entry level VR experience with a modest $199 and above price tag. It’ll be interesting to see just how well AMD’s future CPU/GPU’s can do, especially when they’re up against Nvidia’s latest 10XX series cards with some impressive results and a relatively affordable pricing.

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Devolver Digital and Croteam, creators of the hilariously bloody Serious Sam games, gave us a quick look into their upcoming gory, explosion filled Serious Sam VR experience, as with all games in the series, Sam is back to delivery slaughter en masse in colorful fashion, but this time on a more personal level with the enhancements of virtual reality. Lock n’ Load and take out legions of monstrosities in this sure to be hilarious, high octane action first-person shooter.


DONTNOD Entertainment’s upcoming Victorian England era action role-playing vampire game gets a quick two minute teaser, it seems the life of a vampire in sunny ol’ England isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, dealing with vampire hunters and the unquenchable thirst for blood is more of a curse than a blessing. As a fan of their previous games, Life is Strange and Remember Me, I’m hopeful they’ll once again deliver a high quality product and eagerly await its arrival sometime in 2017.

Killing Floor: Incursion

Tripwire’s John Gibson came to the stage to discuss the bright future of all things Killing Floor. First off, he discussed about the upcoming Bulls-Eye content pack for Killing Floor 2, which further expands the Player vs Zed mode, adding Rae Higgins to the playable character list and a new Sharpshooter perk with the addition of two community made maps to the official roster. Before leaving the stage, Gibson talked about the newest addition to their horrific gorefest franchise with Killing Floor: Incursion, a new VR experience developed for the Oculus Touch, which honestly, looks very promising as a ‘crap your pants in fear’ simulator. Gamers who never played Killing Floor 2 will have the chance to try it out for free this Thursday, June 16 till June 20th with its Steam Free Weekend event.

Superhot VR

Super hot! Super hot! Super hot!

Which should come to no surprise to anyone, especially since the developers behind the addicting time manipulating first-person shooter announced they were working on an Oculus Rift version some time ago, today finally dropped a quick minute long teaser for the upcoming Superhot VR experience. Honestly, it doesn’t look any different from the original, but that’s not exactly a bad thing, I’ve had a blast playing Superhot for hours on end, with the addition of virtual reality, I’m sure this will be an excellent gaming experience.

To see the rest of the games presented please continue to E3: PC Gaming Show 2016 Part 2.

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