E3: Koch Primetime 2021

Posted on 12 Jun 2021 by
Jay Shaw

E3 is in full swing as of today and there’s plenty more games to see. First up today we’ve got Koch Media’s Primetime show. As usual you can watch the whole show above or skip all the fluff and keep reading for a look at just the games. We’re eager to see what’s in-show too so let’s get going!

The Final Form

Reikon Games revealed The Final Form, a sci-fi FPS where you play a female robot who can turn into a ball for fast movement. The developers say that you can become a “cybernetic goddess” by upgrading your abilities and body. The bit of gameplay on offer is brief but it looks like we can expect Doom style arena battles with lots of zipping around.


Brazilian developers Massive Work Studio is working on an RPG that mixes Lovecraftian horror monsters with a little hint of Geiger and lots of slow motion explosions. The CG trailer is, by its very nature, 99% fluff but there’s some very cool monster designs on display so this could be one to keep an eye on. The developers say they’re inspired by the Souls games so expect something that plays similar.

King’s Bounty 2

They called it a gameplay trailer but frankly there’s not a great deal of gameplay in it. What it does have is a whole load of fantasy types; mages, knights, dragons, and what we’re fairly sure is a super fast vampire. King’s Bounty has always been tongue in cheek so it’s interesting to see the series be a little more serious as well as looking more polished and modern. King’s Bounty 2 is releasing on 24 August 2021 for PC and consoles.

Scars Above

Actual gameplay and lots of it! Clocking in at seven minutes of third-person shooting we get to see the surprisingly casually dressed female lead character exploring a rocky alien world filled with artefacts. It’s also filled with alien creatures, some resembling the Hydralisk from StarCraft and others like big rock gorillas. Our trusty protagonist doesn’t seem to have much trouble with them thanks to elemental based guns; we see rifles that shoot lightning and fire as well as one that might be an ice grenade launcher used to make a platform in water. There also seems to be a light biology/research type element to gameplay as a kind of x-ray view is used to explore the insides of one of the larger creatures.


Encased has been in Early Access for a while, but here’s the gist of it if you’re unfamiliar: A mysterious dome is discovered in 1976 and an organization called CRONUS is attempting to discover its secrets. The game is a tactical RPG where players join one of the “wings” of CRONUS and enter the dome to explore the anomalous area and search for artefacts. While we’ve not played it, the developers promise the freedom of choice seen in old-school RPGs.

Echoes of the End

Nothing shown of this one, just the developer interview which we couldn’t even find a separate embed for. Echoes of the End is a cinematic narrative adventure about a warrior called Ren who’s cast away from her life of serving the throne.

The Last Oricru

Yet another one with no trailer, just an interview with developers GoldKnights. The Last Oricru is an action RPG where they “…try to show the [unintelligible] of good and evil” we can’t understand the salient word from that sentence so we choose to believe he said “butts.” The game will show the players both sides of a war, not only showing the winners but also the suffering of the losers and it will apparently not be full experienced in a single play through.

Payday 2 and 3

Pretty much just a brief sneak peek of the in-development Payday 3, or at least a little CG from it. The developers say the third entry in the series is still a few years away so we can probably expect quite a bit of support for long-running fan favourite Payday 2 for some time yet.

Feels like there was quite a focus on Souls-like games this time around, even Scars Above which looks more like a third-person shooter had a Souls-like stamina bar for dodge rolling. The Final Form also caught our eye, with the brief gameplay looking like it has some promise as a moderately fast paced shooter in the vein of modern Doom. The star of the show for us was undoubtedly Scars Above – despite derivative alien designs. We’ll have more coverage of E3 later today.

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