E3: Guerrilla Collective 2020 Day 3

Posted on 15 Jun 2020 by
Jay Shaw

Today marks the third day of the Guerrilla Collective show and while the first two were focused on bombarding us with new trailers and game reveals, today is more about interviews with developers of games shown in previous days. We’re not going to steal the interviewers thunder by transcribing them all here but you can watch the whole show in the embed above.

First up we have King Art Games’ and Deep Silver’s Iron Harvest. This RTS takes place in an alternate reality 1920s just after the end of The Great War – but there are giant, chunky mechs with a distinct dieselpunk style. This segment of the show has a new trailer for the game with its release date of 1 September 2020 (for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One) and then goes on to show fifteen minutes of gameplay while the hosts talk to King Art Games’ Tobias Stolz-Zwilling. Additionally, a demo will be available as part of the Steam Games Festival later today.

Say No! More is next up. This is a comedic game about saying no, the trailer bombarding a character in an office setting with menial tasks and the character snapping back with “no!” to knock them flat on their arses. Marius Winter of Studio Fizbin then joins our hosts for an interview where Marius reveals that Muscle March and Incredible Crisis are inspirations for the game’s chunky, colourful visuals. He also reveals that the game will have a demo available as part of the Steam Games Festival.

Next, Tanya Short joins the hosts to show off swords and hotties dungeon crawler slash dating simulator Boyfriend Dungeon. We also get some gameplay that hasn’t been shown outside of an actual exposition floor before. Tanya also explains the game will have you exploring a dungeon and weapons you find will become people when you leave which you can then choose to date or be friends with. She also shows off some town gameplay, a place where you can visit multiple areas outside of the dungeon. As your weapons rank up in affection they unlock new combos.

30XX and Chris King take centre stage next with another gameplay trailer for the slick looking rogue-lite platformer. If you haven’t played the original 20XX it’s basically Mega Man style platforming and shooting wrapped in a rogue-lite framework. 30XX will be a single player and cooperative game with Mega Man X style gameplay. We also get to see some local cooperative gameplay but it looks like online will also be available. The demo shown off in the show is available to play right now via Steam.

Adam Langridge and West of Dead are up next. This is a game we saw for the first time a couple of days ago and is a cel-shaded isometric shooter with Ron Perlman’s voice talents. In the gameplay portion of this segment, Adam tells us that the game will play like a twin-stick shooter with a cover mechanic which he explains works into the enemy AI which will try to force you out of cover when you’re in it and back into cover when you’re out of it. He also reveals that the game is set in a Wild West themed afterlife that’s shaped by the souls who end up there. He also explains that the game will have a rogue-like loop where players must start over when they die. An open-beta is already running for the game on PC and Xbox and the game releases this Thursday.

With fun Wild West shenanigans out of the way, we’re treated to the same trailer we saw a couple of days ago for Night Dive’s System Shock remake that shows off a bunch of pre-alpha gameplay. CEO of Night Dive, Stephen Kick joins to talk about the remake. He explains how modernising System Shock‘s gameplay breathes new life into the classic game and how the new version will play with controls and style similar to modern first person shooters rather than the clunky interface of the original. The pre-alpha demo for the game is available right now via Steam.

Last up we have The Eternal Cylinder and Carlos Bordeu from ACE Team who reveals that the game has been in development for five years. He also reveals that the player creatures, Trebhum, are inspired by everyone’s favourite swearing taxonomical mystery Q*Bert. These creatures have the ability to mutate and transform by eating things in the world. Also of interest is that destruction of the procedurally generated terrain caused by the eponymous cylinder is dynamic and no pre-baked. As the hosts play, they eat an egg from a grasshopper type creature and instantly evolve to have their legs and jumping ability. This ability is repeated with a fish that increases the creature’s size and expands inventory size. The game will also have multiple biomes, each with unique terrain and creatures to explore and experiment with as well as friendly creatures you can recruit into your party.

That wraps up the third and final day of the Guerrilla Collective shows. It’s been quite the mixed bag but we’ve seen some interesting stuff over the last three days and many of the games either already have or will have demos available later today and some are even releasing very soon.

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