E3: Guerrilla Collective 2020 Day 2

Posted on 14 Jun 2020 by
Jay Shaw

It’s day two of the Guerrilla Collective Show, yesterday we got some incredible surprises and fun looking games so we’ve got high hopes for the show today. As usual the embed above is the entire show and you can read on to take a look at individual games and their trailers.

The Eternal Cylinder

ACE Team and Good Shepherd Entertainment start off today’s show with The Eternal Cylinder, a sci-fi adventure game set in a bizarre world of fantastical creatures and an all-destroying, eponymous alien device. You’ll start out your adventure as a small alien creature and must evolve to overcome the challenges and foes ahead of you and stay ahead of the cylinder as it rolls across the world.

Eldest Souls

Eldest Souls is, as the name so bluntly advertises, an isometric pixel-art Soulsborne type game where you play a lone knight on their journey to kill the gods who are sucking the life from the world as vengeance for their imprisonment. Expect this one to release later this year.

Gori Cuddly Carnage

After some technical difficulties, Angry Demon Studios arrived with Gori Cuddly Carnage, a game which I can only describe as a mash up between Blinx, homicidal skateboarding, and that funny advert for the squatty potty. This one’s all about a cat on a hoverboard killing mutated unicorns and other assorted creepy-cute monsters.

Metal: Hellsinger

David Goldfarb and Troy Baker showed up once more to show off some more gameplay from Metal: Hellsinger, the rhythm-FPS full of metal looking monsters and matching your shots to the beat for maximum effect.

Jay & Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch

Kevin Smith (Silent Bob, and some other stuff no one else remembers) introduced a brand new Jay & Silent Bob game that’s a side-scrolling beat-em-up adventure where you beat up hockey players and a half naked old man with a sock on his wang. Officially the release date is TBA but the Steam page for the game lists 15 August 2021 so it might be a long wait for stoner movie fans.

Vigil: The Longest Night

This 2D hack and slash is a little light on details but the trailer we do have shows the game’s white-haired heroine beating numbers out of humans and monstrosities of the “size of a house” variety so expect some kind of RPG style stat system when Vigil launches at some point in the future.


30XX is the sequel to 20XX, a rogue-like Mega Man style platformer. Today’s trailer and developer commentary focuses on protagonist Ace’s new moves which include a grapple and rising uppercut which can be triggered in the air. It’s good to see Battery Staple doing their own thing a little more instead of sticking so close to their original inspiration.

Source of Madness

Thunderful and Carry Castle have revealed Source of Madness which has a striking art style we can only describe as dark Python-esque. Expect lots of big Lovecraftian monsters and plenty of the usual death and retries from this roguelite platformer when it releases in 2021.

Evan’s Remains

This game actually came out three days ago and puts you in the role of a girl called Dysis as she searches for the eponymous Evan on an island full of mysterious monoliths and what appears to be a shadow person.

Skeleton Crew

Cinder Cone have revealed an obviously Dungeons & Dragons inspired 2D cooperative action platformer with a sense of humour titled Skeleton Crew. Other than four unique characters and pinballing a zombie brain around, there’s not much info here unfortunately.

Speed Limit

Gamechuck showed off a trailer for Speed Limit, a homage to various classic games across genres including driving, side-scrolling platformer/shooter, and isometric shoot-em-up. A demo is available on Steam right now.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

We’re once again treated to the presence of evil lair simulator Evil Genius 2 this time with developer commentary spoken over the previous gameplay trailer we got to see last night. The new talk takes a look at the structure of the game, how the player worries about the big picture while the minions take care of the smaller stuff, your more powerful henchmen and their abilities, and some of the traps you’ll have at your disposal.

Hundred Days

Broken Arms Games’ winery management sim Hundred Days has a new gameplay trailer showing off some of the management screens you’ll use to keep things running as well as the card and tile map based gameplay you’ll be using to create your winery.

Per Aspera

Sometimes you’ve just got to nuke the poles of Mars to kick start a terraforming effort, also drawing the attention of what seems like an alien AI or something that wants humans gone from the red planet. Per Aspera is a base building sci-fi strategy game releasing later this year.

Floppy Knights

Floppy Knights is a deck-building turn based strategy game from developers Rose City Games and publisher Those Awesome Guys. The Saturday morning cartoon look and summoning units from floppy disks is obviously nostalgia baiting a certain age group but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t interested. Additionally, a demo is available right now via Steam.


This trailer doesn’t give much away but it has giant black and white mecha and shonen anime protagonist style characters aplenty so it’s hard to not be at least a little interested in this JRPG visual novel tells the tale of three protagonists teaming up to take part in a mecha battling tournament.

Star Renegades

Massive Damage’s sci-fi strategy RPG Star Renegades made an appearance with a surprisingly well done animated trailer that only shows a little bit of gameplay at the end. This multi-generational RPG will see your surviving squad members produce offspring that become new alternate characters as you progress on your quest to overthrow a galactic empire. Star Renegades will be launching later this year.

Read Only Memories: Neurodiver

The point and click sci-fi adventure series Read Only Memories continues with new entry Neurodiver, introduced with a short but sweet upbeat trailer showing off some of the game’s cast of hackers and detectives. Read Only Memories: Neurodiver is releasing in 2021.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

Every gamer has wondered what a good Ghostbusters game might look like and Midnight Ghost Hunt looks like it’ll deliver, at least for one incredibly brief trailer. There’s almost no information here, again, but the game looks like a multiplayer cooperative experience where players hunt down ghosts in a creepy old house by tracking ectoplasm and trapping some of the ghostly phenomena. An alpha test will be taking place in July 2020.


Coreupt is a 1v1 fighting game with characters that look equal parts like they belong in Darksiders and Vanquish. While there’s a bit of gameplay on show, it looks like fairly standard fighting game fare and we’ll have to wait a bit longer for more info on what makes this one special.

Aeolis Tournament

Aeolis Tournament is an 8 player party game that looks to have a split between sports and madcap brawls in small arenas. Setting this one apart from the hundreds of other games that describes is the cute and colourful characters and cheerful yet not too cutesy art style. Aeolis Tournament is launching on 16 July 2020.


White Thorn Games’ Calico is a game about riding a broom, decorating cakes, and cats. You can ride some of the cats because they’re huge. There are dogs and bears too, which you can also play with but let’s be honest, a bear just doesn’t do it after you’ve been shown a witch riding a giant moggy. Looks like there’s some life-sim aspects too like decorating and interacting with the locals. If nothing else, Calico is a master class in how to do a gameplay trailer full of personality and appeal.

Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea‘s trailer is all sunshine and adventure, asking lightly personal questions about what you’d think about and do until this seemingly peaceful romp is interrupted by a spreading darkness and shadowy tentacle thing. Ominous.


The end of this trailer sums up what we’ve just watched perfectly: An adventure in squirrel surveillance. We’re teased with a striking colour palette of green hues and bright yellow squirrels and told the player will be taking pictures of and faxing said pictures to their boss while a deeper mystery unfolds.

The Cabbage Effect

The Cabbage Effect‘s trailer seems to show us the video game equivalent of an LSD and peyote soaked fever dream where we’re even afraid to mention anything we’ve seen for fear it’ll act like some kind of psychologist summoning ritual and doom us to a life of trying to come to terms with what we saw. Or you can watch the trailer for yourself if you don’t believe us.


Dreamscaper is an action RPG rogue-like game about going into the worlds of your dreams and beating up monsters created by the depression plaguing a young woman’s subconscious. We presume it’s to cure her, not so you can take its place but you can never tell with these things. Expect an Early Access release of this one some time in Summer 2020.

Almighty: Kill your Gods

Originally revealed at yesterday’s Guerilla Collective show now has a new developer commentary video explaining a bit more about what this game is, specifically: Almighty: Kill Your Gods is an online action RPG that will allow players to take on the role of an Alpha, a magical warrior defending their people from destructive elder gods, and play either solo or with other people.


Laughing Machines’ Undungeon is a Souls-like action RPG that puts players in the robe of a bird skull masked (or headed, we’re not judging) hero trying to restore order to the multiverse. Naturally, you’re going to do that by murdering a lot of monsters. Despite what the date at the end of the trailer says, a demo is already available via Steam.


Another one from yesterday; Haven treats us to some new gameplay footage today that shows this RPGs two protagonists flying around the game’s alien world on their hover boots in search of materials and fights with the crystalline wildlife and shows a little of the characters repairing their space ship, crafting food, and getting cuddly in bed.

Minute of Islands

Minute of Islands may have a colourful aesthetic but this trailer doesn’t skimp on dead animals or unsettling character designs. The game is a narrative puzzle platformer about a young mechanic named Mo and her quest to repair the world.


Cyanide & Happiness’ Freakpocalypse got a jaunty trailer that, as usual, doesn’t really tell us anything other than that it’ll have the trademark Cyanide & Happiness art style and humour. We’ll have to wait another day for this one to be explained in any more detail.

Popup Dungeon

Popup Dungeon is a rogue-like tactical RPG with a pop-up book aesthetic that looks like it’ll stretch across several unique areas like a casino, castle, and desert ruins. As is usual for these things, there’ll be plenty of cards and it looks like you’ll be able to choose your own squad by selecting them out of a box as cardboard cubes.

Ambition: A Minuet in Power

Ambition is a rogue-lite visual novel that puts you in the shoes of a girl from the country who has moved to historical Paris for a boy and found she’s been abandoned. She decides to live for herself and the player will have to guide her through French high society. Your actions will decide whether you get the chop in the French Revolution or one of many other endings.


Ikenfell is a cute tactical RPG from Happy Ray Games with a nice pixel art style and turn based battles. We’d love to tell you more than that, but that’s all that’s apparent from this very brief trailer.

Ring of Pain

Described as a “Dungeon Card Crawlerthis one looks like a fairly complex card game but the brief gameplay trailer has done nothing but introduce a weird chicken man into our nightmares.

Princess Farmer

Princess Farmer is a colourful, match-three puzzle game about farming and winning hearts with anthropomorphic characters and if the trailer is anything to go by it’s going to have some catchy hooks in its 16-bit style music. Expect a 2021 release for this one.

Drake Hollow

Creative Director Forrest Dowling introduced Drake Hollow‘s trailer with a first look at the base building adventure’s campaign mode gameplay. It also has a goat called Billy Whiskers that turns “seeds” into usable weapons via a ritual. The video also goes into defending your base from raiding monsters and some of the ways the things you can build will help you achieve this. Drake Hollow is releasing on 17 July 2020.

Pull Stay

Pull Stay looks like a game trying to steal the record for most Japanese weirdness crammed into a video game that isn’t somehow involved with Takeshi Kitano. This one isn’t coming until 2021 and frankly we might need that time to unravel what we’ve seen today alone.

Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara got another animated trailer interspersed with bits of gameplay from this light-hearted farm sim adventure. The game is releasing on 16 June 2020 and a prologue demo is available on Steam right now.

Edo no Yami

This hack and slash cyberpunk platformer puts players into the incredibly cool shoes of an old-school style Samurai on his quest to do uh… Something? The trailer isn’t quite clear but it does have a giant robot dog companion.


Raji is a three-quarters perspective action platformer with a vaguely Indian aesthetic and a wall-running, column climbing, backflipping heroine with a big stick and lighting magic. Can’t be any worse than the last Prince of Persia.

In conclusion, today’s show has been a very mixed bag. On one hand we’ve had multiple technical hiccups and a multitude of trailers that have almost zero information in them. We’ve even had to look up a few of the games on Steam because the trailers told us so little. On the other hand, we got that Calico trailer and a whole load of weirdness thanks to The Cabbage Effect and Pull Stay.

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