E3: Freedom Games Showcase 2021

Posted on 15 Jun 2021 by
Jay Shaw

Time to take a look at the shortest show of E3, Freedom Games. The publisher typically deals with smaller indie projects so don’t expect the next 500 hour open world survival crafting roguelite point and click FPS. As usual the full stream is available above and the individual games are below.


Dreamscaper is a roguelite that’s been in Early Access for a few months. The game sees players take on battles and puzzles in the dreams of its protagonist at night, with dying waking her up and allowing you to explore the town where she lives and gain new abilities and upgrades. Dreamscaper is leaving Early Access and releasing on Switch on 12 August 2021.


Coromon is a monster collecting and battling RPG that looks to borrow heavily from Pokemon‘s early years; we see monsters with three forms, random battles in the long grass, and elemental type based attacks. Coromon will be releasing in Q1 2022 for PC and Switch.

Cat Cafe Manager

Rather predictably, Cat Cafe Manager is a game about being a cat cafe manager. From building your own one-room cafe with a ragged rug and your manky moggy mooching around to hiring and training better staff and expanding. Cat Cafe Manager is releasing in Q2 2022 for PC and Switch.

To The Rescue

To The Rescue is a dog shelter sim. You’ll have to feed, play with, and generally take care of a whole bunch of pooches to make sure they don’t get neglected like the 24 marked as “welfare critical” in the trailer. We all saw it developers, you need to take better care of your computerised canines. To The Rescue is releasing in Q4 2021 for PC and Switch.

Slaughter League

Slaughter League is basically Wipeout (the TV show, not the game) with actual death traps. Players race wacky obstacle courses, avoid zombies, and get brutally torn apart by blades and spikes. It kind of looks like a less weird Nippon Marathon and is coming in Q2 2022 for PC.

Dark Deity

Dark Diety is a tactical RPG that wears its Fire Emblem influence on its sleeve. Apart from taking part in turn based battles, characters will interact and grow their relationships, evolve into new classes and gain new abilities, and even take permanent stat losses when they die in combat. Fans of TRPGs should definitely give this one a look.

One Lonely Outpost

One Lonely Outpost is a farming life sim in the style of Stardew Valley except with a sci-fi twist; you’re on an alien planet and can grow gene spliced crops, take more detailed care of crops, customize a robotic suit, and the rest of the usual distractions; mining, fishing, talking to villagers, and exploring a dungeon. One Lonely Outpost is coming to Steam Early Access in 2022.

Sands of Aura

Sands of Aura is an action RPG with Souls-like combat, according to the trailer, we don’t actually get to see any of that, just the player and a guard clumsily bonking each other with oversized weapons until numbers come out. Items will play a part in customizing your character’s stats and abilities too.

Tower Rush

It has the name and graphical style of a moderately engaging but ultimately money-grubbing mobile game. From what little the trailer shows the game seems to be about supporting your army of humans as they clash with robots and attempt to destroy each other’s home base. For those familiar, it looks to have a similar style to Battle Cats on Android. Tower Rush is coming in 2022 for PC.


Anuchard is an action RPG where players must rescue the souls of villagers and explore a dungeon filled with monsters and puzzles. Fairly normal Zelda-esque stuff. You do get to smack stuff with a giant bell weapon though, so that’s worth points for originality. Anuchard is coming in Q1 2022 for PC and Xbox.

That’s it for the Freedom Games show. Dark Deity and One Lonely Outpost are far and away the standout games this time, maybe even of the whole day. We’ll be eagerly awaiting more info on Dark Deity in particular as it borrowed so heavily from Fire Emblem in a way that other games of the genre only aspire to. Fingers crossed they stick the landing come release time. We’ve got more E3 for you coming up later so stick around.

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