E3: EA Play Live 2021

Posted on 23 Jul 2021 by
Jay Shaw

EA held their EA Play Live event last night, a brief livestream of new game announcements and more info on Battlefield 2042. As usual for our coverage, if you want to watch the whole stream it’s available in the embed above or you can keep reading for just the games and info.

GRID Legends

Codemasters start us off with the announcement of a new entry in the great (then bad, then great again) GRID racing series: GRID Legends. The new entry is bringing a few improvements to the series such as a story mode with live actors, and multi-class mixed racing where vehicles of different classes can take part in the same event. So if you’ve ever wanted to drive a trophy truck through a pack of tiny open wheel racers you can. New rides will also include electric cars and hyper cars. New courses include London, Moscow, and Strada Alpina. There’ll also be new racing modes, something called “boost” and elimination.

Apex Legends

Confession time: We’ve only ever played one round of Apex Legends so the whole trailer makes zero sense to us. Thankfully, Chad Grenier from Respawn took to the stage to explain new character Seer and his abilities. Seer is focused on tracking enemies, with a heartbeat sensor while aiming down sights, and a bunch of tiny drones contained in his chest that can set up a sphere in an area of your choosing which will track any enemies who move quickly through it, even revealing their footsteps, but moving slowly will mitigate the effect. An additional trailer will be coming on 26 July too.

Lost in Random

Originally revealed at E3, Lost in Random, from Swedish studio Zoink, got a new gameplay trailer that introduced a new mechanic; cards. Everyone loves cards. The game’s combat is a mix of action and stopping time to roll companion Dicey, who then provides a number of points that can be spent on playing cards from your hand for special attacks and effects.

Knockout City

Surprisingly good 3v3 dodgeball game Knockout City is getting a new season of content titled Fight at the Movies. The new map is a holographic arena that changes shape including non-copyright-infringing movie themed maps like a castle, pyramid, church roof, and a Honey I Shrunk The Kids style giant bedroom. There’ll also be a new ball type, the Soda Ball, which seems to explode in a big purple cloud. Naturally there’ll be new skins and unlocks too.

Battlefield 2042

Refugee proxy war simulator (no, we’re never not going to think it’s stupid) Battlefield 2042 got a not-so-surprising (thanks leaks) announcement of Portal, a new mode that allows players to construct their own modes and even a logic programming interface. Most surprising for the mode though is the inclusion of classes, weapons, and maps from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield Bad Company 2. That last one alone is enough to make us want to play it but Portal will allow players to mix and match any of this stuff into whatever they want – you can have one futuristic tank versus 20 drones, WW2 soldiers versus BF3 USMC, or even restrict or mix up classes and weapons. Combined with 2042 filling servers with bots and the promise of solo play this new mode might just provide a LOT of fun. The trailer using anti-war and anti-drone song War by the band Idles is just the icing on the irony cake.

Dead Space

Lastly we have a brand new teaser trailer for the long rumoured Dead Space remake. The trailer says it’s in-engine footage and shows some of the Ishumura’s interior as well as Isaac’s suit powering up and a shadowy Necromorph in a corridor. The trailer caps off with a shot of the Ishimura in orbit, the plant-cracker looking appropriately tiny against the massive planet in the background.

And that’s it, not a lot shown but mostly informative and actually interesting. Battlefield 2042 Portal was something unexpected, it actually made us want to play a series we’d sworn off right around Battlefield 3, mainly due to the promise of 1942 and Bad Company 2 content. A little disappointing that there wasn’t more to see from the Dead Space remake though, it would have been great to see a little gameplay but it’s likely way too early in development for that.

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