Dying Light 2 – STORROR Live Action Parkour Trailer

Posted on 16 Nov 2021

Though the production values are all over the place this live action POV trailer for Dying Light 2 has a bunch of parkour people sneaking through a dormant zombie horde then having to fight and parkour their way out. Honestly, we’ve seen worse come out of Hollywood so at less than five minutes long it’s worth a look. The second video above is an interview between game developers Techland and parkour group STORROR.

Official Press Release

Techland and STORROR, a collective of seven athletes renowned for their world-class parkour skills and video production from Britain, collaborated to create an unusual combination of their amazing skills with a film plot, all inspired by the post-apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Check out this video at https://youtu.be/PXVTd-dGguA.

After the short film, see Techland’s interview with STORROR.

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