Dying Light 2 Follows a Gut Feeling in New Update

Posted on 24 Apr 2023 by
L Coulsen

The update brings a new event and some new locations to go all knifey throaty on some bishes. As well as a new weapon crafting system to make said kniey throaty more suited to you, than ever before. Just remember, when in doubt? Go for the gut.

Official Press Release

Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the bold sequel to the best-selling open world survival action game by Techland, goes for guts and glory with its new “Gut Feeling” update, available today.

Paint Villedor red with the “Gut Feeling” update’s new limb-tearing, bone-shattering, and blood-spilling combat system with updated VFX for gore galore. Head to the Pilgrim Outpost to take bounties, track events, and spend Pilgrim tokens on exclusive weapons, outfits and items. Visit Craftmasters to craft weapons and upgrade blueprints for improved stats, survive furious virals to complete personal and global goals and unlock the new Rahim bundle during the “Viral Rush” event starting today, April 20, through May 4, and more.

Celebrate Dying Light 2’s newest game update during the Gut Feeling live stream today at 11 am PDT / 14 pm ET for exclusive developer interviews and more.

That’s not all, Techland continues to support the game as part of the five year commitment, and this update contains many community requested features and improvements including:

Pilgrim Outpost – head to the outpost, Pilgrim
A new in-game and online destination for players to activate bounties, track community events, and receive Pilgrim tokens. Players can spend these tokens in the new Pilgrim Outpost to buy exclusive weapons, outfits and charms. Each week, new bounties will be introduced to the players – www.pilgrimoutpost.com

Gear Transmog – keep your style and stats
Don’t compromise on style–players can now maintain both stats and look good with the gear transmog feature.

Weapon Crafting – find and upgrade blueprints
The new weapon crafting system offers control over the player’s loadout. Blueprints are obtained as players explore the city or claimed as rewards. On visiting Craftmasters, each blueprint is upgradable, increasing weapon’s stats with each level.

Viral Rush Event – survive the horrors of the night
Participate in the “Viral Rush” event starting today, April 20, until Thursday, May 4, 2023, and complete personal and global goals to unlock the Rahim Bundle, which includes two exclusive skins and a weapon–as more roaming and furious virals spawn, players will require heightened combat and nightrunner skills to survive.

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