DoW III: We Make Nice Snow!

Posted on 02 Mar 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

All kidding aside, the hard work and talent being showcased in the above Dawn of War III environmental showcase video is very impressive. It’s good to see the developers at Relic are doing more than slapping assets together, but actually working to theme and creating something attractive and unique to their game.

I may be ribbing Relic slightly for doing a press release just on artwork, but if they hadn’t been doing a good job on the aesthetics you can be sure I’d be ripping them to pieces instead. It’s easy to underestimate how much work goes into a AAA game like DoW III, so it’s good to take a moment and appreciate the planning, attention to detail, and sheer imagination it takes to put together these distinctive gorgeous worlds.

Official Press Release

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III – Environment Showcase

As we gear up towards the release of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, SEGA Europe Ltd. and Relic Entertainment invite you to experience a few of the mysterious locations that players will visit in the highly anticipated third instalment of the RTS franchise.

Over the course of development, the Dawn of War team has focused on creating massive landscapes – not just to accommodate the huge scale of battle, but to elevate gameplay with destructible features, strategic depth, and nods to the rich 40K universe.

In this Environment Showcase, Art Director, Matt Kuzminski and Lead Environment Artist, Tristan Brett speak to the inspiration and design process behind these spectacular, deadly worlds that will form the foundation of Dawn of War III, and act as a canvas for a new era of endless war.

These environments include:

  • Cyprus Ultima: Filled with details and history, Cyprus Ultima has a medieval style that expresses the war-ravaged way of life for people in the 41st millennium.
  • Cage World: A true alien environment, Cage World’s ever-evolving landscape means the ground can literally shift beneath your feet, so you can never be sure where the battle will take you.
  • Starfort: With massive structures towering over each battlefield, the scale of the weaponry on display in this gothic battle station is the ultimate in Imperium technology.
  • Acheron: From first glance, where waves of lava clash against mountains of snow and ice, it’s clear that the elements aren’t all that’s at war on Acheron. Home to nothing but violence, the beautiful glaciers serve as frozen tombs for the battles of the past, and as the stage for some of the largest battles you’ll face in Dawn of War III.

To learn more about the worlds and characters in Dawn of War III, and to keep up with future updates, be sure to heard to, and follow Dawn of War on social media.

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